World First App to Combine Short Animation Film with Augmented and Virtual Reality on a Luxury Wine Label… And it Tastes Good Too…

The Owl & The Dust Devil from Finca Decero, Argentina, is a clever red wine. Because although the base consists of familiar grapes such as Cabernet Sauvignon and Malbec; other unfamiliar grapes such as Petit Verdot and Tannat make their presence. As if a travel to Argentina is on our doorstep. This red wine is a single vineyard blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, Petit Verdot and Tannat. The Cabernet gives the wine backbone and structure which is supported by the aromatics and silky profile of the Malbec. Petit Verdot and Tannat provide not only a rich core to the wine but also depth of character and flavour for superb ageing potential.

Finca Decero Argentina after a Summer snowfall. Courtesy Finca Decero.

When a volunteer was invited to the tasting session, and believe me, I do not suffer a shortage of eager participants, he was fascinated by the originality of the blend and the interaction with the app.

The Owl & The Dust Devil wine next to Lorenzo Belenguer’s sculpture. ©Lorenzo Belenguer

The app has been created by female wine expert Stephanie Morton-Small, who is Chief Commercial Officer at Finca Decero. A single vineyard wine estate which produces award-winning wines on the menus of The Ritz-Carlton, Soho House, Chiltern Firehouse, various Jean-Georges restaurants amongst others. It is a great group experience.

Stephanie was inspired by the inquisitive owls and the dramatic whirlwind formations in Remolinos Vineyard at Finca Decero wine estate in Argentina. Drawing on these two natural wonders she named, wrote, designed and did the voiceover to create the full story of The Owl & The Dust Devil working alongside a digital team to create her short animation film. In October 2017, Stephanie launched what is believed to be the first wine app to combine augmented reality, virtual reality with animation film.

Stephanie Morton-Small commented:

“My inspiration for ‘The Owl & The Dust Devil’ wine and telling this story came from the natural battle between the owls (protecting our vines) and the whirlwind formations (swirling airflow creating spirals of dust devils) in our unique Remolinos Vineyard at Finca Decero. I wanted to step away from traditional wine storytelling and combine technology to create a multi-sensory experience so everyone can visualise what is a truly magical moment in our vineyard at Finca Decero. We have more developments on the app to come this year, but for now it really is best explained with a bottle in your hand.”

The iconic Finca Decero estate is located at 1050m/3500ft in the Agrelo sub-appellation of Mendoza, Argentina the Remolinos Vineyard is one of Argentina’s gems. The vines are nurtured by hand and sustainably farmed, this world-class wine estate produces highly acclaimed wines. Most recently the Decero Malbec 2015 was positioned #34 in Wine Spectator’s prestigious 2017 list of the top wines of the world and The Owl & The Dust Devil 2015 was awarded 93 Points by Tim Atkin MW.

It is a wine that I highly recommend and can be purchased directly from Amazon and support a small winery community in SouthAmerica. More information can be obtained directly from their website on

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