Write a Killer About Page for Your Business by Answering One Question

The About Page isn’t about you

Jason McBride
Aug 8, 2019 · 6 min read

Many businesses struggle more with writing their About Page than they do with any other page on their site.

Some people get so stressed about their About Page that they can’t even bring themselves to make one.

Some of the biggest obstacles to writing an About Page are:

· Not wanting to seem like a braggart

· Unsure what should be on an About Page

· Inability to know how much to say

· Confusion over how the About Page fits into the rest of the site

· Worried about getting it perfect

If you’re stressed about your About Page, you are overthinking it. You can write a killer About Page for your business by simply answering one question:

Why should customers buy from you?

The About Page is for Customers

The About Page isn’t really about you. The goal of the About Page, like every other page on your business website, is to give customers the confidence to buy from you. On the About Page, you need to close the sale.

This isn’t the place for hype.

This is the place where you explain your qualifications and your unique selling proposition. You need to show a potential customer that you are the logical choice to solve their problem.

You should stick to the facts on your About Page, but you need to present those facts in a customer-friendly way.

Have you ever bought a used car? One of the first things you probably did was open the hood and peek inside, even if you know nothing about cars. Why?

Because if the engine area is a mess, and things look like they’re held together with duct tape, gum, and straws, it’s a big red flag.

Potential customers are coming to your About Page to peek under the hood. They want to see if you have the right qualifications and attitude to help them with their problem.

How Should You Write the About Page?

A killer About Page is:

· Brief

· Interesting

· Customer focused

You want to write in a way that explains why you are the best one to help the customer. The copy doesn’t need to be long. A good About Page is often only 250 to 500-words, with 350 words being the sweet spot for most companies.

Boring About Pages, like all boring content, are a waste of everyone’s time. Customers don’t read them. If your About Page is boring, you are throwing away your best chance to close a deal. You should show your personality.

Customers are going to hire you if they like and trust you. This doesn’t mean you should have a paragraph about your Troll doll collection. You need to show personality that enhances your professional reputation.

When I write About Pages for life coaches and business coaches that work with edgier clients, I include a bit of profanity if it matches the personality of the coach.

When I write About Pages for B2B IT companies, I would never use profanity. But, I might include an IT related joke.

A great About Page will use the words “you” and “your” more than it uses the words “I”, “we”, “my”, or “our”. You need to demonstrate how all of your business’s strengths work for the customer.

Dealing with Experience and Credentials

Think about what your customer needs to know before hiring you. If you have a lot of experience, you want to communicate that. If you have a particular certification that will matter to the client, you need to mention it.

I recently worked on some content for a B2B company targeting special process companies serving the aerospace industry. Special process companies take parts for airplanes and apply specific coatings and techniques to the parts to make them safer or more suitable for flight.

As you can imagine, the aerospace industry is highly regulated. The companies in this niche must have specific accreditations before the parts they work on can be installed in an airplane.

Every company in this narrow niche had better explain what accreditations they have on their About Page if they want aerospace customers to buy from them.

Even if your customers don’t care about credentials, they do care about your competency. Credentials are one way to show competency. Another way to explain how much experience you have.

If you are new to an industry and don’t have any credentials or experience, you will need to get creative with how you can demonstrate competency. But, there is always a way.

Explain Your Why

Why are you in business? Explaining that you have a passion for helping your customers and tying that passion into your experience and expertise makes it easier for people to want to buy from you.

If Your About Page is exactly like everyone else in your industry, you have a poor About Page.

Your About Page needs to be unique.

I wrote an About Page for a company that restores brick chimneys. The owner wanted to keep historical buildings from becoming condemned and torn down because of a collapsed chimney. He cared about preserving older buildings.

His why made him a better match for his customers than some other business who just knows a lot about bricks and mortar.

On his page, we explained he wasn’t just in the brick chimney business. He was in the business of saving the heritage of the community he lived in.

His passion made him better at his craft. It made customers excited to work with him.

Telling Stories

Your About Page is the perfect place to tell a short story about how you helped a customer or about an experience that shaped your business’s philosophy.

While the most effective About Pages tend to be no more than 500-words, you can break this rule if your About Page is exceptionally interesting.

We all love stories. A great story will stick with a potential customer longer than a bullet point list of your diplomas and certifications.

Invite the Customer to Take the Next Step

Why does your business have a website? Hopefully, it’s because you want to make more money.

The last thing on your About Page should be an invitation to take the next step. It can be to call for a free quote, to complete a form for more information, or a request to buy now.

If your About Page has done a good job of explaining why you’re the right one to solve their problem, they will be ready to take the next step. Make it easy for them to know what to do.

This call to action doesn’t need to be pushy or flashy. You don’t need arrows or a flashing box. But, if you fail to ask for the sale, you probably won’t make the sale.

Are About Pages Really Important?

Yes! You need an About Page for three reasons:

1. Customers expect to see an About Page, not having one makes you look ill-prepared

2. About Pages can help your website SEO

3. Search engines are starting to take authority into account; your About Page helps prove you know what you’re talking about

I’ve heard people say that About Pages are cliché as a reason not to have one. Their business is too trendy to need one.

Listen, email and pants are also clichés, but everyone uses them. You can make your business unique in a million different ways. But, not having an About Page won’t impress customers — it will just confuse them.

Your About Page is your closing argument. About Pages often rank high in search engine results when someone searches for your business.

If you have a website, go and read your About Page. Is it like a Wikipedia entry? If so, you need to rewrite it so that it becomes a powerful, persuasive argument why your business is the only logical solution for your customers.

If you don’t have an About Page, write one today! A bad About Page is much better for your business than not having any About Page.

You are in business for a reason. Show your customers why you’re ready to help them.

Helping you make more money, in less time, without losing…

Jason McBride

Written by

💻 B2B & B2C Email Copywriter https://clientmagnetmarketing.com 💡🌊 Haiku Poet & Visual Essay Creator: https://weirdopoetry.com/ 👽

Escape Motivation

Helping you make more money, in less time, without losing your soul

Jason McBride

Written by

💻 B2B & B2C Email Copywriter https://clientmagnetmarketing.com 💡🌊 Haiku Poet & Visual Essay Creator: https://weirdopoetry.com/ 👽

Escape Motivation

Helping you make more money, in less time, without losing your soul

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