Free Airline Food — Only in Iran

One of the shocking aspects of travel inside Iran is the free airline meals. Yes, you read correctly. In this corner of the earth, the airlines are still serving free complete meals and drinks, even on hour-long flights!

Fighting to compete, Iranian airlines seem to spend lavishly on the meals.

On today’s 90-minute flight from Tehran to Kish Island, I was served piping hot chicken kabob, on top of zaffron-laced white rice, a grilled tomato, dill yogurt, bread, pudding. The choice of drinks included non-alcoholic beer and doogh (yogurt drink).

“I’m taking pics to show to friends overseas. No meals on flights over there,” I told a flight attendant.
 “I know, they don’t even hand out water anymore, I hear,” she said, adding, “I wonder we should learn from them or they from us.”

“They should learn, obviously,” I replied.

“Well, that’s unlikely,” she smiled. “It’s usually them who expect us to follow their example.”

Flying in Iran is usually inexpensive in comparison to flying in Europe. The oneway flight today on the IranKish Airlines Boeing 737 cost about $30 USD.

Originally published at Escape from Tehran.

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