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Costume Design, NFT, Priorities and beautiful fonts by women designers


It’s Juno here with some new updates from UX world.

🎭 Ruth Carter

I promised myself to watch an Abstract episode every week. To be honest something that is not happening this year at all.

I picked the episode “Ruth Carter: Costume Design” to start. Here are some of my comments.

Ruth started doing costumes during her college times, and she became known the costume designer in campus.

My takeaways:

  • Designers tell stories.
  • Inspiration comes from different places .

What is costume design?

  • It’s an art form. Taking an idea and bring it to life.
  • Understand about people. How they are what they believe, where they live? Like a persona.
  • Set a stage of the viewer. you don’t even notice.
  • You don’t think is a costume is the person


  • Break down the script — it’s just the begining of the process
  • Define a color palette. You need colors to support the script/story
  • What director thinks (stakeholders interviews)
  • It’s a visual story telling: color and textures, buttons, trims, fabrics, linings.
  • Place all the ideas, mood boards — it’s a hodgepodge of fabric swatches, magazine tear sheets, illustrations, sketches, photos — anything that give us inspiration.
  • The fitting room is the usability testing, where you make sure people can perform their actions in the most natural and comfortable way. The tool (costume) helps the user (actor).
  • It’s like an artist on a painting. It is never finished. Never ending process.
  • She also did some acting in the college, put yourself on the users shoes.
  • Lab testing, designing for theater, you view things from the audience. it’s different from design for film.

There are a lot other comments but I will let you enjoy this episode. And also watch Dolemite is my name, one of her masterpieces.

UX Research Priorities

Many people ask what they should do during the research stage, which can vary widely according to the situation and company. This article is very helpful in giving you some options.

However, never lose sight of keeping a problem-solving mindset.


Most of you already know about the supafast boy Zander and and know he launched his own NFT collection — a very hipster and #coffeelover collection.

This collection by Weirdos is my personal favorite. Not that obvious, and not that ordinary.

I will have a guest speaker in the first week of March to speak about NFT. I know this is a trending topic, so I would like to prepare some questions about the topic. Please send me some questions by email to receive the invitation.

ℹ Icons

Figma is not the best vector tool, but it can be helpful in some cases. Designing icons requires you to follow some guidelines and I found this pretty good guide: The ultimate guide to designing icons.

👯‍♀️ Great fonts designed by women

This IDEO article features a collection of beautiful fonts designed by women. If you want to support more women in design, take a look at these amazing fonts designed by women: Badass Libre Fonts by Womxn.

Squarespace Portfolio

This isn’t a UX portfolio but I loved the typography sizing and how simple this one-page website was built using Squarespace.

This isn’t a UX portfolio but I loved the typography sizing and how simple this one-page website was built using Squarespace.

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See you next week.




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