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Pivoting InVision, More Empathy, and some Asian fonts — Edition #17

Hello again 😉

Juno is here to bring you some fresh updates about UX/UI.

👵🏽 The “new” InVision

I believe the InVision team has been struggling to keep in the market like Sketch. They have been doing a lot of important tools to designers in the past years. I used InVision a lot to hand off design to devs in several projects and do some simple prototypes.

Years ago they also introduced InVision Studio to the market. A very slick and minimal interface for a UI tool. I remember when they launched the concept of an artboard inside an artboard, that became what Figmaa implement months later as a frame inside a frame.

But now InVision is trying to be a collaborative tool integrating Freehand (like Miro or FigJam) and their other tools altogether. I believe they had everything to be the leader a few years ago but maybe the main designer at that time, Pablo Stanley, was too busy making videos for his YouTube channel and not really improving the InVision ecosystem.

I’m preparing a workshop related to DesignOps and I’m reading a lot of articles and content to summarize everything for you. If you wanna learn more how to join this workshop shoot me an email.

Lazy Research

A lot of students start a project with a “super cool” solution in mind and ignore the user research process. And sometimes when I ask to try to manipulate the research. As my master in Jiu-Jitsu says you’re are not fooling me, you are fooling yourself. But if you wanna keep doing it, try to learn some techniques to manipulate ethically.

And if you don’t value the work behind UX, read how Glossier use empathy to build a $1.2 billion brand.

YouTube Channels

The new generation keeps saying they are so proud of not having TV but they spend more time on YouTube or Netflix than your grandmother. Here is a list of the best Design YouTube Channels to make this time more productive for you. If you have any new recommendations please send it to me.

🏋🏿‍♂️ Challenges

We are hitting the end of the road of the full-time cohort at Ironhack and we just have a few UI challenges left. But if you are willing to keep working on it join one of those UX UI challenges.

🥢 Asian characters support

I know I’m sending a lot of fonts on the pasts newsletter but here is a selection of fonts that supports Asian characters on Adobe Fonts.

How to stop discrimination?

I think not only in the Netherlands does this type of thing happen. Talking with a friend in Brazil that works in HR she told me this happens also many times. Just to reflect how some individuals are shaping the culture of some companies.

Thank you for reading.

See you soon.




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