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📽 Video on Figma, a better structure for Design Systems, and Accessibility Edition #15

Hey, it’s Juno 😉

Last week was all about Adobe XD, and I hope you were able to check it out, especially the video and audio capabilities.

📽 Video on Figma

In my search for plugins to incorporate video into Figma, I came across one that was the closest to Adobe XD; Anima. I used to export a lot of designs from Sketch into Anima.

In my opinion, Anima offers a lot of useful features, but I believe those features should belong in the UI platform itself.

There is nothing particularly exciting about this Vimeo plugin.

⚛️ Design System

Atomic Design is a straightforward methodology created by Brad Frost to craft interface design systems more deliberately with explicit order and hierarchy. There are six distinct levels in the Blinkit design system you should know and adapt to your workflow.

⌨ Typography

Tired of the same Google Fonts, just check this amazing work from and yes most of the fonts you have to pay for. You are not going to work for free in your UX/UI career and this is the same for the Klim Type team.

Tired of the same Google Fonts, check out Klim Type Foundry’s amazing work, and yes, most of these fonts cost money. In your UX/UI career, you won’t work for free, and the Klim Type is no different.

🦻 Accessibility

Remember the accessibility activity we did in class? All posters are available for free on GitHub.

Extra, some UI tips to improve your navigation for color-blind:

  1. Use lower contrast
  2. Glow effect
  3. Outline and Filled
  4. Underline

To conclude: take a look at this great performance by our rapper Niko and future UX/UI Designer.

I’ll see you next week.




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