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XD 🤣 XD 🤣 XD 🤣 Edition #14

What’s up beautiful people? This is not sponsored by Adobe but I had this idea weeks ago to send you some updates only related to Adobe XD. Let’s XD! 😜

Figma Lovers ❤️ can stop reading here or can practice their empathy to see the world from a different perspective.

Tools are only tools, don’t fall in love with them, you are better than this.
–Juno Jo

🗣 Voice Prototyping

Getting to know your project and defining your Brand Voice (Product Voice) is an important part of our UX job.

There are many prototyping tools on the market today, but only a few have innovated like Adobe XD. You can voice prototype in XD for the past few years, but there is no clear solution to other UI tools.

But Juno, you can install plugins… According to my experience, there are some plugins that can empower your project and others that make collaboration more difficult if they are not native features.

Here are two super articles to board you in voice prototype using XD:

5 Experts Share How to Design Inclusive Voice Experiences

🏆 Design Challenge

During the bootcamp, we do weekly UI challenges to help you to improve your design skills. For those who don’t participate in the challenges, you are always invited to do burpees 🏋🏿‍♂️ as you know. But if you miss this brain training you can join Behance Daily Creative Challenge. Yes, Adobe acquired Behance years ago and they have a huge bank account to keep acquiring design companies.

📼 Video Prototyping

Since Adobe MAX last year you can also add video on your prototype and you have a lot of interesting controls to interact with. Check this article Five ways to prototype with video in Adobe XD written by our friend Matt Rae.

⚛️ Adobe Ecosystem

As Adobe connects all its products, your life will be easier and competitors’ lives will be harder. Watch the video and learn more about Adobe Workfront.

▶️ Replay

If you wanna rewatch the last session with Matt you can check here: Transform your Design with Adobe XD.

💸 Figma, I thought we were friends

It’s an old strategy from tech companies, and Figma is using the same playbook developed by them all. This week Figma sent an email about FigJam pricing, and now it’s out of beta and costs $5/month.

If you are using Adobe products you can try Whiteboard plugin made by Adobe, basically a FigJam/Miro inside XD.

🎨 Portfolio

As a final note, I would like to share Aline Barros’ portfolio, which is an excellent example of what you should do when applying for jobs. Don’t be picky, just go for it.

Thanks for reading the newsletter. Please share with your friends or LinkedIn.

See you next week.


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