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BoxPlay partners with ESG DAO to jointly market the Box range and co-develop content for OpenESG: an Open and Democratic ESG Scoring System For Corporates

ESG DAO, the United Kingdom entity that is building a global, decentralized and real-time Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) rating protocol, has partnered with BoxPlay, a BoxMedia company, to accelerate the development of OpenESG.

BoxMedia are learning experts, designers, storytellers and technologists united by a mission to inform, engage and empower the world. BoxPlay is their learning platform delivering on its mission to Make Learning the New Habit™, and is part of the BoxMedia family alongside BoxMeta, BoxEntertainment, BoxLabs and BoxCreate.

BoxPlay will support ESG DAO in co-developing content for its communication channels and platforms. By working together, ESG DAO and BoxPlay will be able to create educational materials that will help educate businesses and consumers on the importance and possibilities of OpenESG and how to improve their environmental and social impact.

OpenESG will develop and deploy OpenESG Protocol’s solutions for businesses. “We are delighted to support OpenESG’s mission to build a global, decentralized, real-time Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) rating protocol,” says Clare Munn, founder and CEO of BoxPlay. “It is not only common knowledge today, but it is common sense — of course all of us need to be shaping a more equitable and sustainable world. And to do this we have to look at how much we all understand what this even means. This starts by pioneering new learning designs, ones that show the why and the how versus just the what and when. If we do this properly, we can indeed foster positive business behavior throughout the education life cycle.”

Dr. Roy Sugarman, Chief Neuroscientist adds: “Our theory of receptive and expressive intelligence™ with CQ: Communication Quotient™ helps global organizations provide an effective framework and tools to empower people for a sustainable, rewarding and impactful future for all.”

BoxPlay is focused on modernizing training content for young adults and professionals by rebuilding the most critical and in-demand subjects for today’s new ways of working. They do this by approaching the subjects in an entirely unique way, using science-based storytelling along with high quality engagement techniques. Each product builds upon the other or can stand alone. Their products all include assessments and exams, and have passed global major bodies of accreditation for those needing mandatory CPD/CPE credits. Customers and partners include Accenture, AICPA, FutureLearn, Learnerbly, Learn-In, Moodle and Pearson. BoxPlay boasts a track record of 0% churn and over 85% engagement in its online courses.

OpenESG was created to bridge the gap in the current ESG rating systems that measure risks to a company from ESG factors, but do not reflect the company’s true impact on Planet, People, and Communities. The OpenESG scoring system changes that by looking at ESG as output metrics, and by making brands’ impacts clear and understandable. OpenESG allows companies of all sizes, from startups to large public companies, to build environmental and social impact and with the assistance of BoxPlay, education into those communities.

“We are pleased to partner with BoxPlay at a time of rapid growth for this global media-ed-tech enterprise, as it aims to democratize learning,” says Tee Ganbold, Co-Founder and Executive Chair. “We’re excited about the partnership with learning experts BoxPlay to support the new habit of learning with all types of businesses around people, learning tools and staff retention. To do this, we need new incentives, new technologies, and new story tellers.”


BoxPlay deliver relatable simulations, relevant subject matter and microlearning to the digital generation through modular, stackable learning products. Part of Box’s methodology is centered on CQ: Communication Quotient™ — assessing talents’ capabilities in communication overall and then helping master them. This core focus is on interpersonal communication and problem-solving capabilities. BoxPlay is focused on democratizing career growth, and its products enable enterprises to rapidly level up their entire workforce while also representing an opportunity both for job-seekers and those in employment to boost their skillset with qualifications.

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ESG DAO is building an open, democratic, and credibly neutral ESG scoring system, OpenESG, that will power a new wave of Web2 and Web3 applications that engage consumers and incentivize companies to create positive environmental and social change in the world.

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A global organisation dedicated to democratising the ESG rating system.

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