Our last major release of 2015 included the following, let us know what you think.

Manage seniority Levels

You’re now able to edit seniority levels of each share class directly in app. We use this information for our 409a valuations and waterfall reports.

Advanced plan documents

We’ve added advanced options to our equity incentive plan documents. you can upload multiple forms of documents depending on the stock options. When you draft stock options, these documents are selected automatically based on the type of option.

Convertible note updates

We’ve added some fields to convertible notes to let you configure the accrual and compounding of interest on notes.

Form 3921

A major new feature just in time for tax season, you can generate 3921 tax forms in eShares. Once you update your stakeholder tax data, we send the company copies of forms A, B, and C for the year you selected. Learn more about eShares’ form 3921.

Option exercise approval

Choose an option exercise approver in your company settings to approve all options exercises from personal portfolios. Once approved we will initiate the ACH process. Learn how to change your exercise approver.

Tax withholding for NSO exercises

We will withhold medicare, federal and state taxes for all NSO exercises from personal portfolios. An exercise summary is sent for review and approval to the option exercise approver.

If you have any questions please contact us at feedback@eshares.com.

– Jaime

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