MIGs (Legacy Projects)

Achieving fulfilment by pursuing your two most inspiring goals

David Shepherd
Aug 9, 2017 · 4 min read

Inspiration: when something from outside breathes within you. Matched with hope: the confident expectation of your dreams or goals; is the driving force behind many things which many people thought would never exist. From Leonardo da Vinci who was inspired by birds to create the blueprints for what would become planes, to the cars that were invented by Ford during a time of horse-drawn carriages; inspiration is what gave us our smartphones, computers and if Elon Musk continues to stay inspired, trips to Mars.

The MIG — What it is:

Many people have ‘bucket lists’ or ‘life goals’, what about the goals that don’t exist yet? The goals that drive you to achieve something that only you have envisioned? Enter T.D Jakes, who spoke about having your ‘two most inspiring goals’ (MIGs); goals which you believe will amount to your life’s work, which drive you and will require your commitment, energy and focus. Goals which fan the flames behind setting your alarm (and not pressing snooze), taking that extra meeting or working after hours, even your academic choices and professional development. They motivate you to build a ladder throughout your life which proves that the sky’s the limit (unless you’re Elon Musk or Richard Branson). Goals which will require so much belief, discipline and faith that you’ll only have enough energy to focus on two, the two which inspires you the most.

Discovering your MIGs:

There are a few ways to go about discovering your MIGs. I usually find it’s a combination of your passion + field + overcoming a problem / Status-quo = goal. An example you ask? Take one of my MIGs. A passion of mine is teaching, I love learning and the ability to develop others in ways that equip them to achieve their own hopes. The natural field for such a passion is education, however, my problem is the current status of teaching the next generation; from examinations to life prospects; I don’t believe the education system is complimenting the careers of today and the future. Therefore, one of my goals is to open my own Secondary School Academy (ages 11–18), preferably my old school in London. I love my city and want it to be a pioneer in developing a change in the world, developing the future leaders within all fields from the Arts to the Sciences, it would be the foundation of a renaissance for modern education. In simple form:

Passion (Teaching)
+ Field (Education)
+ Overcoming a problem (Equipping students practically to pursue their dreams and careers)
= Starting my own Secondary School (Academy.)

Another useful way to spark your goal-making process is to ask yourself this: What would I do if I didn’t have to worry about money, other people’s opinions and expectations or my grades? Then ask yourself, what your biggest concern might be, then dedicate your life’s work to changing or improving it. Much has been done by people with no money, who overcame society’s expectations or who didn’t have the grades, point? They’re not an excuse and they’re only preventing you from fulfilment and living purposefully.

Hope is practical.

Bear in mind, your goals will need to be practical. I believe that you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to, but success does have requirements. One of those requirements will be hard work if they’re going to be accomplished. Remember, hope is practical and if you require a plan to begin developing your MIGs, the SMART method of tracking your goals is a great way of doing so:

S — specific, significant, stretching
M — measurable, meaningful, motivational
A — agreed upon, attainable, achievable, acceptable, action-oriented
R — realistic, relevant, reasonable, rewarding, results-oriented
T — time-based, time-bound, timely, tangible, trackable

Finally…(References, Role-Models & Support)

(CEO & Entrepreneur) and Simon Sinek (Author, Consultant, Speaker) are two people’s journey’s I’m currently following. Both have an MIG which is evident in all their work. Gary Vaynerchuk is working to buy the New York Jets and Simon Sinek is working to achieve world peace. The reason I’m using these two examples is that, it’s fine to have goals that “seem vague”, what matters is that they will provide value to the lives of others, their progress can be tracked, they are inspiring and most importantly they are YOURS. Not your parent’s, not your partner’s, not your school’s, not your boss’, not even society’s, but YOUR goals. They can’t be right or wrong, they are simply the two goals you have that will provide value to the lives of others.

As coaches, Elliott Shepherds has created a template to support you in writing down your MIGs. Download yours here FOR FREE and feel free to use them personally, at work, with your schools.

We hope this helps you in refining and pursuing your MIGs. The truth is, if you’re brave enough to write them down and courageous enough to pursue them, the world will be better off for your purposeful endeavours.

Lead Your Legacy

Helping people lead their personal and unified legacies.

David Shepherd

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Life Coach and teacher (NQT) | Supporting people to define and develop their purpose and legacy | Diversity, Education & Politics 🎙#LYLPodcast

Lead Your Legacy

Helping people lead their personal and unified legacies.

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