5 Things to Improve Customer Experience on a Fashion eCommerce Store

Enhancing customer experience is an evolving process in Fashion eCommerce. To diminish the gap between customer’s expectations and service offered, the approach should be in sync with the user behaviour and feedback on the eCommerce store. In online business, effectiveness of the communication depends on the eCommerce webstore, as it is the only interface between the company and the customer.

Below are 5 things to improve the customer experience on a Fashion eCommerce store:

1. Website should load quickly

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eCommerce customers are impulsive. They tend to browse multiple web stores at a time, to compare in various parameters like pricing, colour options, description, photos, reviews, etc. Considering this behaviour, if one of the opened webstore takes time to load, then it lacks lustre. The customer might not return to the webstore to check on new collections or new offers, thinking that it would need time. The parameters to measure this is the time taken from the moment a user opens a new page till above-the-fold content is rendered by the browser or the page is fully rendered by the browser.

According to Kissmetrics, 47% of consumers expect a web page to load in 2 seconds or less and 40% of people abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load. Below graph depicts the conversion rate vs load time of Walmart website. The trend shows how the population as well as the conversion drops with increase in the website load time.

[Image Source: webperformancetoday]

2. Product description should be accurate

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The product description is the communication between the company to customer. So, it is essential to preempt the customer’s thinking, after reading the description.

It should focus on right target group, speak about the specific benefits to the customers and should help the customer to imagine the right frame. Bland communications like excellent product, fabric, etc. should be avoided as it creates a comparative scenario in the customer’s mind.

Unlike physical stores where customers can touch and feel, online medium provides only the product page. Hence to create a great experience, sufficient information should be passed to customer. This would enable him to take purchase decision easily. The information could be elaborate descriptions, videos, multiple photos from various angles, ramp walk videos, consumer reviews, etc.

Information provided should be reassured with the Social Media connect.

3. Policies should be clearly communicated

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There are multiple policies that require simultaneous attention. Policies like Refund Policy, Cancellation or Return Policy, Privacy Policy, etc. are important to company as well as the customers. Highlighting key policy norms and creating customer centric policies would help establish a stronger faith on the fashion brand. Moreover, these days several marketing campaigns are run which have their defined policy frameworks. This create a lot of confusion among the buyers as most of them do not read through all terms and conditions. For instance, during discount sale being offered, some brands mention the actual price and the discounted price clearly but do not mention anything else in the description. When the customer goes to the checkout option the VAT is added extra, thereby increasing the price. Making the customer annoyed and then drop the transaction.

Following are the essential policies related queries customer may have in mind:

  • What is the process for Cash on Delivery(COD)?
  • Can I pay with my card instead of cash for a Cash on Delivery order?
  • If i need to send you back the item, where should i send it?
  • What is the return / exchange policy?
  • Will I get a money refund?
  • Can I club or use multiple coupons and offers at once?

4. Easy facility to connect with customer care

The process of a customer connecting back to the company should be a very simple process. Companies are creating IVRs for reducing load on call centres but nothing can replace a human connect. It lends more honesty to the interaction. If call centres are overloaded, then live virtual chat facility should be a good option to respond to customers. It would reduce the discussion time and also enable to address queries of multiple customers at a time. IVRs do solve the purpose but they irritate consumers who have paucity of time and patience.

[Image Source: economistgroup.com]

The customer care executives should be friendly, well versed and knowledgeable on the processes. They should have access to retrieve data for reverting to customers faster with accurate information.

5. Smooth fulfilment and replacement option

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Easy returns are being followed by almost all e-tailers. But, to enhance the customer experience Fashion eCommerce companies have to be a step ahead for the customer’s expectation. The idea is to offer replacement, rather than having return option only. In Fashion eCommerce product returns are common due to size or fitting issues, where the customer might have interest to stick to the design pattern, color, etc. and expect just a size change or pattern change. But the process is to return the product, wait for refund and again place a new order.

Having a replacement option, wherein the customer selects the order, chooses to replace with a desired option, pays/refunded the balance amount and is fulfilled by delivering the new piece and simultaneously picking up the old one would definitely enhance the experience.

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