There are Only Two Types of Websites

Which one are you making?

I saw this viral tweet one time and couldn’t help but think it was right:

I’ve been designing websites for a while and picked up on the fact that I only design two types of websites — a header with a hero image and text overlaid on top or one with a device video. It made me think about if there are any more boundaries to be pushed in web design.

Every site I would now browse followed those two design principles, which is probably why the tweet was so popular. What really made a great website design then?

We are confined to a rectangular screen so we were bound to find the limits of designing for its constraint, but could we have reached the peak of web design so early on in the internet age?

I started paying more attention to sites like Awwwards & Site of the Day to see what the industry called innovative web design — every site still followed those two design principles from before. I quickly realised that it wasn’t the design layout that made them featured on these sites, it was their content.

Content is the new design

Browsing through the Awwwards site I found myself immersed in some of the websites and it wasn’t because of the design, the content drew me in and kept me there. The pinnacle of web design had been reached but the content pushed past the bar.

Sites became more and more about how creative you could be with the content you had on it, there was one site I remember browsing for ages that used my phone’s device to simulate an action video sequence that I kept on coming back to. The action sequence would differ depending on how I interacted with my mobile device, I was completely stunned.

Web design has moved past actual design and into the realm of immersion — how can I use the features of a device to make the content on the page more interesting ? Do I let each element on the page interact with the user’s mouse or gyroscope of their device?

In the 21st century, content reigns supreme.

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