How to get the best out of your Millennial employees

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4 min readOct 16, 2018


Millennials are an important part of the workforce. It is estimated that by 2025, Millennials will comprise three-quarters of the workforce around the world.

Understanding how this generation thinks and what they value in the workspace will help employers to better engage and retain Millennials.

Recent studies by Udemy a Deloitte showed that Millennials are very different from their predecessors. Although all generations face similar challenges, Millennials entered the workforce in a moment of rapidly changing technologies and complexly interconnected economies and have new concerns and interests. Here are a few insights about Millennials at work and how to get the best out of them:

Millennials need structure, leadership and guidance

42% of Millennials say they value learning and development opportunities above other office perks. They strongly believe their employers should provide leadership, and guidance and are ready to put in the work and learn more to maintain their job performance.

Unlike previous generations, 73% said they will need to pursue additional education or training to advance on their careers and 86% expressed confidence in their ability to gain new skills and learn new technologies.

Do frequent follow-ups with Millennial employees to steer them in the right direction and offer on-the-job training opportunities to improve their skills.

Millennials like to have a voice in the workplace and share thoughts and ideas

Millennials want their ideas and opinions to be heard and be taken into consideration. They usually have a “can do” attitude and are always looking to provide input on work-related issues.

Encourage open communication and give feedback to your Millennial employees’ concerns.

Millennials like teamwork

Millennials have an affinity for networking and enjoy teamwork. Throughout their student years, they were always asked to work together to accomplish tasks and are very used to work in teams, perform different roles and take advantage of everyone’s skills.

Being part of the team is an essential aspect to Millennial work happiness and addressing work concerns as a collaborative effort is seen as the best way to surpass all tasks.

Millennials value a positive work environment

Unlike previous generations, millennials want to enjoy their workplace and be social with their coworkers. They value office activities and volunteer days to enjoy time out of the office and get to know the people that work with them.

A toxic work environment was even indicated as being the biggest factor that would make them quit their job. Company culture is key when it comes to retaining millennial talent.

Build a positive culture and foster social connections engaging your employees in team bonding and volunteering activities so they interact and know each other better.

Millennials want flexibility and work-life balance

Work-life balance and flexibility is a big thing for Millennials. 44% claim a flexible schedule is their ideal work arrangement, while 30% would prefer to work remotely full time.

While they don’t mind working hard and putting on the extra hours, Millennials believe life is too short to be spent on just working and expect to have lots of free time to spend at home with their families, be engaged parents, play sports or do other activities.

Provide flexible job opportunities and make long office hours the exception, not the norm.

Millennials are tech-savvy

Millennials were the first generation to grow up with the Internet, so it is no surprise they master technology and use it regularly both at work and at home. The workplace has changed dramatically during the last decades and technology has now a big impact on the company’s performance and management.

Take advantage of their technological knowledge and work smarter with Millennial employees.

Millennials want to work with purpose and make a positive impact on society

More than just getting money and time off, Millennials want to work in something meaningful and make a positive impact on society. By giving them a purpose, it will help them envision the opportunities that lie ahead, motivate them and increase loyalty.

Millennials often feel their employers are not aligned with their motivations and priorities and are too fixated on getting profits. They want the company’s leaders to proactively make a positive impact on society and take part with their coworkers in volunteering programs and activities.

Millennials are different from previous generations, but contrary to the stereotypes that perceive them as lazy and entitled, they are looking for stability, and a place that listens, invests in them, offers flexibility and gives them opportunities to grow and develop their skills.

In return, they will be very motivated to do what is necessary to rise to the demands of the market, provide ideas and answers to problems, show loyalty and use their tech skills to work faster and smarter for your company.

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