Esowood Times



Esowood is a quiet small fishing kingdom located on the southernmost region of the Rose Coast comes alive in the year 1420 DR, whilst most of the strong are off fighting in a war with the nearby floating city of Xod — the remaining people in the kingdom starve and struggle to make ends meet; trade has slowed to a halt as a result of the devastating conflict.

All of a sudden, a myriad mystics all hailing from different races and schools of magic arrived, some were there to help the people of Esowood in the fight against the Shadow Worshipers in their floating castle, some were there to help the invaders from Xod, and some Mystics simply came for the money and the fame. The economy slowly starts to recover as the Mystics trade in loot from their travels in Esowood for copper, gold, platinum, electrum, and silver in order to wreathe themselves in finery, buy exotic pets or improve their arsenals.


We have launched as of October 2021, thus beginning the spawns of mystics. Mystics allow holders to become “Ancient Ones” who hold votes, make markets and help create items and develop the overall #TAH lore. Every mint ticket purchased by our holders got them a unique mystic with random items. We have been hesitant to spawn too many NFTs just yet, because of a major flaw we saw in the business models of a lot of other projects. We ended up doing an initial spawn of around 160/10000 NFTs at the beginning of the project to build a marketing wallet so that we could pay for ad space, calendar listings and our rarity tools. During this period of scaling our marketing DAO we took the opportunity to build partnerships across the DeFi space with Crypto projects we saw could serve as in-game currencies that could serve as utility to our project. We ended up finishing our first play to earn mini-game yesterday, a game in new holders able to play through purchase of a wonder egg and previous holders receive the game as a dividend. In this game users can learn about quantum physics while mining Esowood Silver — when they finish a match the instructions we tell them to screenshot and send their score over to our discord or BBS.Market with their alkada & wallet address. From there the score is exchanged to Esowood Silver and sent to the user’s wallet address. An new item or utility token that is of commensurate value to the Esowood Silver value of the score is minted and left on the Goblin Salvage Repo for holders to collect and the original player receives one of these items as well. The next spawn of Mystics will still be incremental but we intend to release a large amount of tokens anywhere from 3,777–5,800 in multiple sessions in order to allow new users in to play The Wonder Egg game. We choose to hand mint each mystic to ensure that quality is top notch as well as to leave our imprint on the metadata and design of each Avatar.

You can find a clear picture of our roadmap here.


“The alkada, or wonder egg, is a fun creature that looks like a moving egg” (which it has additionally been called). It stands on two feeble legs that culminate in rubbery, tacky cushions and has two small arms that it constantly folds, hence its most well-known name. A piercing chittering is the predominant sound it can generate. Ponders have a purplish underside and are shaded blue-green. When enraged or energised, they flush slightly. The mouth of a pure marvel is on its head, surrounded by nine limbs (old stories and records propose that there was once a connected animal groups that had twelve arms and extra abilities not moved by ponders today). Nature’s painfully awkward, waddling loners are frequently more damaging than they appear to be. A great percentage of them are unquestionably more extraordinary, transformed beings, such as substantial level mystics.”

“Wonder Eggs can be bought on Opensea or found and claimed in Esowood through events.”

The wizards of Esowood participate in large tournaments , many times the winner of a duel would trap their foe in the form of a Wonder egg. Nowadays if one finds Disguised, Trapped or Cursed eggs certain spells will turn them back into a mystic. The duel portions of these tournaments are now due to regulations fought by proxy by the mystic’s Alkada — the use of random wild magic making the practice very popular across the land. 1v1 Alkada Dueling has also become the primary way for merchants in the midst of a disagreement to find a price for their wares.


This brain game is simple, one must use their knowledge Quantum gates to shoot their spell past the other mystics’ magical shield of reflection. The game is based on Qpong and as such has a real educational use case. As a player gets better and better at this game their knowledge of Quantum Computing grows.

The Ancient Hardware has found a unique use case for this project and sought to recontextualize the classic game of QPong to represent an artifact of how mystics price magical derivatives such as lich phylactery. We built on top of this magical project and were able to create an NFT from it that immerses our Holders further into our Metaverse.

The Equation For Points -> Esowood Silver 🪙:

The equation to price items where X= ESOWOOD Points Y=XODHAN Points and Z=Price is X(100)-Y=Z > Send a screenshot of your SCORE, ALKADA and WALLET ADDRESS into our DISCORD or BBS.MARKET and we will do this automatically for you — price the NFT then send you it’s link and your Esowood Silver.

In Game Items, What Do They Do?

Esowood Silver 🪙: Can be earned in a variety of ways around Esowood — The primary way this is earned is through the Wonder Egg Game. When earned this NFT will grant the user’s the right to have the first instance of new item in the Goblin Salvage Repo. Soon Esowood Silver will be set up so that if you have a certain amount of it you will receive ERC-20 tokens to your wallet automatically depending on the amount and duration you’ve had the Esowood Silver.

Salvage ♟: These items can be sent to the Bazaar through your Goblin Caravan Advisor once a month and an Item Pack with an identical salvage to the Mystic that sent the GCA will appear for sale. In-Game items will be used further down the line as furnishing, quest items and war engines.

Land Maps 🏝: A portion of Esowood for sale where holders can build on and advance their own agenda in a Metaverse where guilds, factions and groups don’t all fall under one flag.

Traits 🎽: These items are used when questing, depending on what the holder gets in their list of traits they are able to better maneuver around and through difficult situations.


Yes, as a result of the product over promises mentality of #TAH we have released a lot of Merch before the January deadline stated in our roadmap. Check it out here and have a warm, wonderful rest of your day.



Esowood Times

25000 Mystics programmatically generated & incrementally minted in preparation for The Great Awakening!