Puno — Peru’s folkloric center

I’ve been home for a hectic two weeks already, but completely forgot to post photos from our final trip to Puno. Here are some photos from Islas Uros (floating islands), Isla Taquile and Sillustani.

On our first day we had a guided tour of Islas Uros and Isla Taquile, some of the few places left where people still live for the most part following the ways of their ancestors. It was fascinating to find out more about the floating Uros islands which are made of reeds that are replaced every three years, as well as how the locals fish, cook and go to school.

I wanted to kidnap this little one

Sillustani is one of the largest and oldest pre-Inca and Inca burial sites in Peru. Our tour guide told us about the different periods the site ws used and the different burial methods, of which the 10m tall Inca towers stood out the most.

Later on the way back to Puno we stopped at a local farm to see more furry friends and learn about local crops. We got to taste local potatoes and quinoa bread which were very tasty and I got to cuddle with a 4 month old alpaca!

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