16 Reasons Why PHP is the Simplest Server Side Scripting Language

As a developer you might have come across the dilemma of choosing the right development platform for server side scripting. There are many programming platforms present nowadays, but nothing is like PHP. Of course every PHP programmer has its own set of programming platform choice, but as per our analysis PHP makes it to the top of simplest server side language. We are not just saying that vaguely since we have our own reasons to say so. So, let us analyze a very simple yet important question “Why PHP for your server side programming needs?”

Why PHP for server side programming?

PHP provide some of the best frameworks for easy web development.

· Site loading speed gets much faster with the use of PHP. This is due to the fact that PHP code executes in a memory space of its own as compared to a platform like ASP wherein COM architecture as well as an overhead server is required. PHP provide best frameworks for easy web development.

· PHP software come hardly for any expense since it is an open source platform just like Wordpress, and hence you need not to pay for additional tools compared to ASP platform wherein extra tools or software come at a price.

· PHP only requires a Linux server available at any hosting provider with no extra costs. While ASP requires Windows server and that too installed with Internet Information Server (IIS). This result in extra expenses associated with hosting services on monthly plans. Hence, PHP can come off very cheaper when it comes to hosting in comparison to using ASP as a programming platform.

· PHP offers a tremendous amount of database flexibility with connectivity to all major databases including the most common MySQL, and that too free. While using ASP means purchasing MS-SQL resulting in database costs.

· Since PHP arena have a wide variety of programmers to offer, when it comes to hiring someone on cost per hour model, you can find people easily fitting your budget, unlike ASP programmers who come a bit costlier.

· PHP has a unique distinction of being used on all platforms, making it cross platform compatible. This includes Linux, Unix, HP-UX, OpenBSD, Solaris, Windows, RISC, Mac, and many more. In addition to that, PHP also facilitates almost all web servers today including IIS, Apache, and other servers that utilize nginx, lighttpd, FastCGI PHP binary, by acting as a module or CGI processor.

· PHP do not restrict developers to HTML as an output. With PHP the output can accompany Flash movies, PDF files, images, etc. In fact, text can also be shown as an output through XML or XHTML file. The best part here is, PHP have all these files auto generated, assembling them into the file system rather than merely printing them out, resulting in saving dynamic content through server side cache.

· There are a range of protocols supported by PHP with the likes of COM, HTTP, POP3, NNTP, SNMP, IMAP, LDAP, and many more. In fact, even other protocols can be interacted with easily by opening up the raw sockets of network. This can be done with the help of WDDX data exchange that may be complex but allowed by PHP facilitating data exchange between all the web programming languages. When it comes to interconnection, Java objects instantiation is performed smartly by PHP and then used transparently as objects of PHP.

· There are so many text processing features present with PHP that you will be just amazed to see how it can accommodate so many things. This includes the Perl Compatible Regular Expressions (PCRE), and all those XML documents access as well as parsing tools and extensions. PHP does standardize all these XML extensions using libxml2 as a solid base, and further extending the set of features through addition of supports such as XMLWriter support, XMLReader support, and SimpleXML support.

· There are multiple extensions associated with PHP organized as per category and alphabetically. Even it carries PECL extensions that you might not be able to see in a PHP manual in a documented format, say for example XDebug.

· PHP offers magnificent scalability especially when you want it to be done real quickly. Because of the shared-nothing style architecture, you have cluster size increased; magnitude scaled abruptly; and servers dropped in number; with as little configuration possible.

· You do not need experts to drive PHP. In fact, you do not even need the brightest or best ones on board to handle PHP. It just works easily in most cases. In case, if your organization finds the need of hiring the best people in the process, there is surely something going wrong. Since, brilliant programmers are too moody to deal with; you can surely do away with ordinary programmers, who would be able to tackle things with ease.

· PHP has this ability to clean up coding errors and start over things once again. Hence, when a request gets corrupted, it starts over new one all over again. This is not the case with other programming platforms, while with PHP everything is just by default.

· There are just too many frameworks making it damn easy to deal with PHP. Whether looking for simplest ones like Slim or Silex; or probably complex ones on an enterprise level, you have Symfony or Zend.

· PHP has got the best documentation of all programming platforms present on the web. Whether you look at every single method or function, you have a range of examples giving you a clear idea of what is being talked about. May be not all examples are rocking, but they are certainly good enough to have you make a move in the right direction.

· PHP has an extensive community present online with so many experts, avid programmers, or enthusiastic readers, who are ready to help you anytime with their knowledge. Additionally, you have so many blogs online written on PHP that you are sure to find the answers with things surrounding PHP. With so many people and articles associated with PHP, you are not going to be in a fix.

So, what is our final verdict?

PHP has tons of advantages when it comes to use as compared to other server side programming platforms. It is not just the simplest of all, but with PHP comes a freedom to choose the ideal operating system, web server, object oriented programming, procedural programming, or a hybrid model possibly.

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