HubSpot CRM vs SalesForce: The Battle For Being The Best CRM In The Business

Today, CRM is in huge demand as far the IT industry is concerned and therefore, you may have seen many HubSpot COS Development agencies now offering the customers with the HubSpot CRM. Earlier SalesForce was one such CRM which became widely popular in the industry because of the wide variety of features it was able to provide to its various customers, but today that scenario has changed as HubSpot COS Design has become more and more popular.

Now, the whole industry is divided into two teams with the HubSpot COS Agency obviously taking the side of HubSpot CRM while the traditional business owners still believe SalesForce is the best CRM.

The common people start believing that review blindly without even having the experience of working with that technology. The same is the case with HubSpot CRM and SalesForce where many people are regarding HubSpot CRM as best just by looking at the HubSpot COS Templates, which is absolutely wrong.

Are you worried about how to know the unbiased comparison between HubSpot CRM and SalesForce? Then don’t be so. Today, I’m going to give the most comprehensive review about both these CRM based on various features which will remove all your confusion and give you the knowledge about which is the best CRM in the business. So, why wait for anything? Let’s get straight to the action and analyze various features one-by-one.

[1.] User-Experience:-

[2.] Price:-

[3.] Depth of Analysis & Reports:-

[4.] Email Marketing Integration:-

[5.] Alignment for Sales & Marketing:-

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