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Working at Esper: One Year In

About the author: I’m Connor McCarthy. I currently serve as Chief of Staff here at Esper and previously served as the Director of Business Development and Marketing.

Have you ever wondered how our civic process went from this:

…to this?

A brief summary of the federal regulatory process

Me too. My past year working at Esper has enabled me to dig deep into the policy process and work with a team dedicated to supporting better policymaking. Our company provides data analysis and workflow tools to manage the policymaking process in government. This piece examines what sets working at Esper apart.

First, we should cover a bit of background. Prior to Esper, I worked at venture capital firms helping support startups that were constantly running up against labyrinth-like regulatory processes without relief. I also worked at an advocacy firm focusing on tax and healthcare policy, which gave me early exposure to the sheer complexity and volume that defines regulations.

These previous experiences demonstrated the unique challenges posed by our growing administrative rules. The volume of policies that govern how we live our lives has rapidly grown yet we the public — even ones whose job is to research said policies — have seen no change in how we can engage with the process. Put another way, computers looked like this the last time that our regulatory process was updated to enable better rulemaking and accessibility:

My joy to be part of the Esper team is rooted in far more than just my policy researcher headaches, though. Esper’s core mission to enable best practices at every stage of the policy process is the Archimedean point of what sets us apart.

It’s extremely rare to find a software company that gives you a chance to make a positive impact on the civic process when successfully implemented. Put simply, Esper’s success will mean better policymaking and a chance for citizens to re-engage with governments that they feel disconnected from.

Our government work also means that traveling for work takes you places you probably haven’t been before. Whether that be the hidden elegance of the Nebraska State Capitol Building hallways…

…or the awe-inspiring dome of the Texas State Capitol, walking these sites never fails to make you feel a sense of civic pride that escapes society too often now.

Our work gives us a chance to embrace de Tocqueville’s vision and do our small part to forge new platforms that enable better civic engagement and management. Out of all of the perks of working at Esper this year, nothing can top that.

Esper is building the source of truth for policymaking in government (and having an incredible time doing it). If you share our commitment, join us at Esper! Check out our jobs page now to review what positions are available.



Esper provides government with technology solutions to drive effective and accountable policies.

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