HCT Location Shrouded in Secrecy

WHERE is the venue for the Hearthstone Championship Tour?!

A date just round the corner, March 23rd will signal the start of the HCT Winter Championship — where some of the most consistent high-rollers in the game will duke it out with freshly scrubbed decks to be crowned the Winter Champion and take home the coffer on offer.

Blizzard however, have been scant with information. With less than a month until the commencement of the tournament, nobody yet knows where the finals will be played!

Blizzard Team 5 insider Stede Bonnet parleyed with Esportle:

We’ve been consciously keeping the venue, and indeed the city, under wraps. We want to try to build as much suspense around the location as possible. We feel like we’ve achieved this — thus keeping the community hype around it, both fun and interactive. We’ve told virtually no-one, so it’ll be a nice surprise for everyone when we reveal it. Davy Jones who’s running logistics for this event has done a great job keeping it under lock and key.

The community as a whole has been awash with speculation. A virtual treasure hunt has begun, piecing together what little clues Blizzard have provided to date.

Reddit user CalicoJack opened up to Esportle with the results of his own investigation:

I’ve made quite a few assumptions strait [sic] off the bat. Like, obviously, it’ll be in or around a global city with a history of hosting esports events to allow for a good number of local spectators. A large international airport with direct flights to/from big European cities would be important. Local hotels with reasonable room rates. Great local internet speeds, 4G. Accessibility is the most important thing I think.

After stroking his black beard, CalicoJack added:

Based on all of that I think it’ll be a big US city. East coast probably makes the most sense, but California is a good shout. I think we can all rule out some tiny tropical island in the middle of the ocean. Unless of course Blizzard are hell bent on this pirate meta… maybe they’ll throw logic out of the window and host it in Nassau. Hahaha, no seriously- scupper that, I’m talking bilge! It’ll be USA without a doubt. Otherwise there’d be mutiny.

Blizzard meanwhile have been rumored to have signed up memory company Corsair and Avast Antivirus to sponsor the tournament.