How to Become an Esports Expert

As the popularity of esports booms, why not become an expert? Just 4 easy steps!

Step 1 — Create a Twitter account

This one can be somewhat tricky and time consuming. You’re going to want to convey your importance to casual observers and industry plebs alike. You’ll need to invent some sort of important sounding job title for yourself like “eSports Consultant”. Or, if you want to go full expert: add “Founder/CEO of MADEUP MediaSport Ventures Enterprises Inc”.

Bonus points are available here if you add a traditional sport into your bio too. It doesn’t even need any extra info. Just the word “soccer” appended at the end will do.

Step 2 — Learn the origins

In much the same way as Sky TV invented English soccer in 1992, esports was started in 2011 by Riot Games, makers of League of Legends (of course you knew that already).

You must shun any purported “esports” history prior to the commencement Riot’s Season 1 Championship. Naturally, esports to some extent did exist prior. But who cares anyway, right? There were approximately 4 people interested in esports before then.

Step 3 — Share articles and data

Now, you may be thinking to yourself at this juncture “how am I supposed to do this? I have no discernible skills [in this area]”. But I’ve got you covered, don’t worry. Simply take it all from elsewhere! Twitter is abound with interesting people making acute observations on the esports industry — so there’s no point in trying to reinvent the wheel when they’ve done the hard work already. There’s an important caveat to make here however. You must never simply “retweet” the original source. Instead, either take a screenshot, or “quote” the tweet, adding your absolutely unique insight.

Some more bonus points if the source is Newzoo — they’ll make you seem dead smart — even if you don’t understand any of the figures.

Step 4 — Make your opinions known

By now you’ll no doubt have garnered a reputation as being an influencer in the world of esports. So good job! Well done you! Don’t stop here though. Now you’ve got an audience, and a platform. It’s time to announce your assertions and opinions to the world!

You could kick things off with something innocuous like:

Overwatch will be the first league to experiment with local esports teams. As the team spots are based on location!

Or perhaps even:

The 1st eSports Subscription revenue stream

Never mind if CGS actually experimented with local esports teams in 2007. Or if subscriptions as a team revenue stream were actually introduced 14 years ago. Remember Step 2? Plus the people from back then probably don’t even know how to use Twitter so you’ll not get called out anyway.

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