Esports Professional Slack Group

I’ve been running Esports Entrepreneur for the past 8 months and I’ve experienced some of the many pains that growing professionals in the industries run across. I’m always looking to see how I can contribute to someone else's success while still being in the background, if it is educating them on a new topic or connecting them with a new partner or client, I enjoy giving these opportunities. With that, I’ve created this slack group for all professionals in the industry to connect and have live conversations and discussions to learn from each other and develop new relationships.

What is this Slack Group?

So if you are not familiar with Slack, think of Skype on steroids. The ability to create sub-groups to break down specific conversations makes it great for a community to organize its thoughts. In addition, there are a countless number of integrations that can be utilized to moderate and enhance the communities engagement.

A few people have asked why I didn’t use Discord, its like slack for gamers, plus its free all the way! The way I made the decision was due to Discords lack of features, I expect in the future that they will enhance integrations and the ability moderate channels and much more.

Why Should Someone Join?

If you want to look at the benefits, then I suppose the first one is getting to chat with me live!

  • Join a group of like-minded esports professionals
  • Network with new professionals every day
  • Join in the conversation when you have time on your phone, tablet or your desktop
  • Have open-ended conversations about the business of esports
  • Post job openings from your favorite esports job boards

Who Should Join?

From Players to Professionals, we all looking for new opportunities to develop our careers or enhance our connections.

  • Professionals existing in the industry
  • Professionals looking to develop their career
  • Company represent that is looking to learn more about the industry
  • Anyone looking to get connected on the business side of the industry
  • Professional Players that are looking to develop skills outside of their general skills as a player.
  • Professionals looking to learn esports marketing, management, sponsorships, etc.

As you can see, it’s really open to anyone interseted in the business of esports.

How do you Join?

You go here, submit your email, and you’ll get an email with your invitation link! Its really that simple, if you run into any problems, feel free to email me at

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