Esports One Announces OneView — THE League of Legends Twitch Extension

OneView — League of Legends Twitch Extension

Monday, Twitch announced the next big update for Extensions. Today, we’re here to announce the next big thing for League of Legends streams: OneView.

League of Legends is an amazing game that has grown incredibly over nearly the last decade and spawned an entire ecosystem of competitive leagues, teams, companies and products. While many of the existing tools in the League community are creative and useful, they all have one thing in common: they rely almost entirely on Riot’s API.

While Riot’s API is an extensive and amazing resource to have, it has a 3 minute delay which poses a challenge when attempting to develop real-time tools for the LoL community. That’s why we turned to a new technology to bring you the next step in the League of Legends viewing experience: Computer Vision.

OneView utilizes computer vision to watch a stream alongside you and recognize what is happening in game. Objectives, item builds, minimap movement, champions, abilities, game time and more are captured and analyzed by OneView and displayed back to you on your favorite broadcaster’s stream.

Interested in what OneView is all about? Check it out:


OneView Store: Use Bits to get Skill Points

Now instead of just cheering with Bits, you can utilize them to interact with you favorite broadcasters in real-time. Use your bits to acquire Skill Points and use those Skill Points to perform actions in the extension, like making predictions. 80% of your bits go to the broadcaster, the rest go to the hamsters running in our servers.


OneView Predictions: Make Predictions about what will happen in-game

Put your LoL knowledge to the test to earn XP & Levels! Use your Skill Points (you get 10 free when you first activate the extension) to make predictions about what will happen in game. Will the streamer’s team get First Blood? What about First Dragon? Will he score 100 CS before 15 minutes? You tell us!


OneView Profile: Track your level for all broadcasters

As you make predictions, you earn experience and levels. Your profile enables you to track your level for all broadcasters that you have interacted with through OneView, as well as your overall global level. We are working with our partnered streamers in the coming weeks to create rewards unique to each broadcaster for you, the fan. Once launched, rewards will be earned each time you level up!


OneView Leaderboard: See how you rank against other fans

See how you rank against a streamer’s fan base. Prove you know how they play better than anyone else! Your prediction score will be displayed on leaderboards for the current game, week, month and all-time. After our rewards system is released, you’ll be able to show off your favorite rewards in the leaderboard as well.


OneView Timeline: See what’s happened in a game, even if you join late.

Ever joined a stream late and wondered what you missed? The OneView Timeline is the answer to your problems. View all major objectives that happened in a game and whether or not you predicted them correctly. Each Timeline event also has some information about exactly what the event means or does, perfect for if you’re newer to the game.

Want to see OneView in action? Check out one of our partnered streamer’s channels below! If you’re a Twitch Streamer and want to start using OneView, fill out this form and we’ll get back to you within a day or two!


Hey! My name is Irelia Carries U, i’m a Canada based streamer who focuses primarily on Irelia gameplay with the occasional pocket pick Fiora/Darius. I’ve reached Challenger in s4/s5/s7 with pre-rework Irelia, I look forward to hitting it again this year with the reworked Irelia. I enjoy teaching top lane and keeping my followers up to date with the latest Irelia builds, tips, and tricks. So far I’ve written two in depth Irelia guides and I’m looking to write a third plus an additional guide for Fiora & the updated Irelia sometime this year. I’ve been playing league for about 5 years and streaming for 4. I also go to university, i’ll be graduating this year! When i’m not streaming or studying, I like to read fantasy novels and play games with my girlfriend. Thank you for reading and I hope you’ll stop by my stream sometime!
Check out OneView on IreliaCarriesU’s stream!


Check out OneView on IamDiamond’s stream!


Hi, my name is Thomas and I’m 21 years old. I have been streaming for 6 months so far and almost on an everyday basis. I’m a passionate streamer and I get motivation from my viewers which support me so much. The main content of the stream is League Of Legends and one of my goals is to reach Challenger on an unranked account. My division is currently Master 149lp. About my gameplay, I main Midlane and my favorite champions are Viktor and Lissandra ( I am the rank 1 Lissandra in the world for 4 years in a row). The main language of the stream is Greek but I’m willing to answer in English any questions that you may have. I would be happy to see you in my stream!
Check out OneView on ANTILIPSI’s stream!