Esports One: Re-Imagining the Esports Experience

We are very pleased to announce Esports One, a data capture and analytics company that is out to revolutionize the esports viewing experience.

Esports, the Universe and Everything

The esports industry is at an important moment in its history. The scene as a whole has matured a huge amount in the past six years, but it still has quite a ways to go. We all remember what esports used to look like:

League of Legends 2011 World Championship

If you only consider production quality, you wouldn’t be too far off the mark to say that esports has reached the level of traditional sports. To speak solely on League of Legends World Championships, we have progressed from the Elmia Convention Center (a venue built in 1961 for agricultural trade fairs) to the Beijing National Stadium (constructed for the 2008 Summer Olympics) in just a little over 6 years. To wrap your head around this change, take a look at last year’s venue for the 2016 World Championship Finals and compare it to the image above.

League of Legends 2016 World Championship Finals Stage

The comparison? There is none. So how do we improve from here, what are the next steps? Well, once you approach the top-level ceiling of venues and production quality, it’s time to take a step back and look at the third critical factor.


The Esports Engagement Enigma

This is the first gif I could find when I searched “Enigma”, cut me some slack

All right, so how do you improve engagement in esports? Is there a benchmark you can follow? Well, once again we can turn to traditional sports and draw some inspiration for how to proceed.

NFL in-game stats popup

If you watch the NFL, or any other traditional sport for that matter, you can probably see where we’re going with this. A sports broadcast wouldn’t be near as engaging without these “popups” live in game. They tell you more about the players and teams than you might know as a casual fan and help spin story-lines that you’ll follow throughout the game and possibly even the season.

This is the next step for esports broadcast. We have the broadcast quality, we have the viewership and now, thanks to what we’re building at Esports One, we have the technology.

What is Esports One?

Esports One is a company composed entirely of esports fanatics with a single goal in mind: Improve the esports viewing experience. How are we going to do this? By adding a layer of engagement to esports broadcasts through real-time data capture and analysis.

Let’s break down what happens on the back end of the Esports One platform:

  1. E1 watches a live esports stream alongside the viewers
  2. Captures what’s happening on the screen real time
  3. Compares the info it’s capturing about a team/player/objective vs historical information about the same
  4. Generates a real-time, in-stream popup related to exactly what’s happening or populates a module surrounding the stream with the information

At launch Esports One will support League of Legends, but we’re developing the platform to be game-agnostic and will be expanding to Overwatch, Hearthstone and many additional titles in the future. Let’s take a moment to go over the difference between modules and in-game “popups”.

Esports One In-Game Popups

This is a feature that’s integrated directly with the esports broadcast. Similarly to how you see “popups” showing quarterback’s completion stats or a UFC fighter’s strikes thrown/hit in traditional sports, an Esports One in-game popup will give you additional information on whatever is happening in the broadcast.

This could range from info about an objective being taken, it could be detailed stats about the matchup between two players based on the champions they’re playing, or it could even tell you each team’s chance of winning based on the team’s/player’s performances throughout the season and their team compositions.

Esports One League of Legends in-game popups

Since Esports One is watching the game alongside you, the information you see through in-game popups will be directly related to exactly what’s happening in the stream. Now, onto modules.

Esports One Modules

Modules are something that you surround an esports stream with to drastically enhance the viewing experience — you can decide what information you want to see and where you want to see it around the broadcast.

Esports One League of Legends Modules

There’s a module for everybody, and since our modules are completely customizable you can fine tune your viewing experience exactly as you want. Surround the stream with live statistics feeds if you’re super into stats and analysis. Prefer a more visual viewing experience? Try out our objective tracker & chatbot modules. We even have educational modules for people newer to esports.

Check out some of the modules we’re working on for League of Legends, Overwatch and Hearthstone!

Esports One League of Legends Kill Tracker Module
Esports One Overwatch Objective Tracker Module
Esports One Hearthstone Card Analyzer Module

The Esports One Team

We have an awesome team here at Esports One, almost everybody has previous experience in the industry and eats, sleeps and breathes esports.

Matthew Gunnin — CEO & Founder

Matthew Gunnin is an esports industry veteran. He got his start by founding Leaguepedia which was acquired by Curse, went on to serve as Director of Content at Azubu, and then was hired by Unikrn as VP of Product.

Matthew left Unirkn to acquire Epsortspedia, which he created while working at Azubu, and to found Esports One.


Gene Keselman — COO & Co-Founder

Gene Keselman is an entrepreneur, a non-profit Board Director, an MIT Researcher and a Reserve Air Force officer. He spent 12 years on military Active Duty in the Intelligence Community and now has turned his attention to running startups and helping other entrepreneurs.



Jordan O’Hara — Marketing Director

Jordan O’Hara is a self-taught esports entrepreneur. He founded and grew an amateur esports organization from nothing to sponsored and co-founded professional esports organization Nuovo Gaming.

Jordan joined Esportspedia and Esports One as the Director of Marketing in mid 2016.


Jonny Hockey — Internal Ops

Jonny is an avid esports fan with a degree in legal studies and a background in both sales and internal operations.

Jonny joined Esports One as he believes in both the product being created and Matthew’s vision for the esports industry



Allan Andrade — Creative Director

Allan is a professional designer with 14 years of experience and one of the pioneers in Brazil working with creative solutions for the largest gaming orgs and companies worldwide.

He joined Esports One to combine his skills with the team and deliver a top notch esports experience.

Daniel Duffell: Site Ops Manager

Daniel got his start in esports by joining Leaguepedia. He then went on to work for Azubu, helped build Esportspedia, and joined Curse to work on Gamepedia.

Daniel joined the Esports One team to help elevate the esports viewing experience.

Esportspedia Management Team

What to Expect Moving Forward

Ever since the Esports One beta announcement, we’ve been firing on all cylinders working to get the platform developed and we’re excited to let you know what to keep an eye out for in the coming months.

Beta Incentives

While we’re working to finish developing the Esports One League of Legends platform, we’re going to update the Esports One site with a bunch of new features that will reward you for inviting friends to signup for a beta account. These rewards will range from moving you up in the beta wait list, to merchandise, to entries in giveaways and more!

Product Development

First in the pipeline for us is to finish building out the Esports One platform to support League of Legends. We’ll be inviting beta users to test out the various features as we finish them, so keep an eye on your email! Once the initial features are completed for League of Legends, we’ll invite everyone that signed up for beta to officially join the site for our open beta and work on editing/creating features based on your feedback.

After this is complete, we move on to Overwatch, Hearthstone and many other titles that we’re not quiet yet ready to announce. We can’t wait to continue on this amazing journey with all of you, and thank you for supporting Esports One!

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