Women in Charge: Homework

For our first meeting, the Essay Club will tackle the topic of Women in Charge. Our moderator, the lovely and brilliant Irin Carmon, has heroically whittled the options down to a short selection (listed below) and posed some initial questions. Happy reading!


Sheryl Sandberg, Lean In (excerpt)

Sandra Tsing Loh, “I Choose My Choice”

Sarah Jaffe, “Trickle Down Feminism”

Bonus! Nora Ephron, “Helen Gurley Brown Only Wants to Help”


Why aren't more women in charge?

What do you think is holding women back?

Does it matter to us whether getting more women in positions of
leadership makes things better for all women, or is it enough just to
get them there?’

Feel free to leave comments or post your own reactions to the essays. We’ll follow up with a recap after the dinner on 4/15.

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