If your antidepressant isn’t working

try this instead.

Try smoking weed.

Just kidding. That’s not what I’m here to tell you.

(I know all of the controversial antics that comes with the publishing of an article on marijuana and I’d much rather ignore the debates.)

I came here to share with you some ridiculous solution that I watched on a commercial the other day.

The commercial talked about some other chemical to try. Apparently, it is supposed to offset the negative effects of antidepressants. Below is a brief image that describes it.

If you take a look underneath the technical name you’ll see these words: “serotonin-dopamine activity modulator.”

This baffles me.

Now, if I’m understanding the science behind this correctly (allow me to put my psych degree to use), then a person is much better off just sniffing cocaine.

I mean, think about it. You’re already taking a pill that’s supposed to inhibit your serotonin (assuming you’re on a SSRI) and since that isn’t working there’s another pill to take in order to modulate it.

That’s insane.

While we may think that the doctor knows what they’re talking about when prescribing such medication we forget there’s a price to pay when inserting various chemicals into our bodies. What one pill can’t do another pill can, but something else will not be functioning.

Personally, the idea of taking one pill is a lot. I’ve had days where I relied on Zoloft, a SSRI, in order to help with my depression and anxiety. However, I still have depressive episodes with underlying OCD features. And, what I’ve come to realize is that a pill isn’t the only solution that helps.

Don’t, get me wrong, psychologists have come a long way with the creation of mood stabilizers. The evolution is impressive, and science really is revolutionary. I take it that most doctors do, in fact, know what they’re doing. But, what happened to the basics?

You see, we’ve began to substitute our daily lives with social media instead of people, buildings instead of fresh air, and work for picnics. Do you understand what I’m getting at?

The message here is that when a pill isn’t working then it has to be something within our daily lives that isn’t corresponding with what we need. It’s easy to believe that we need an increase in dosage or something to counteract the effects. But, it’s even harder to adjust our lifestyle in order to do what we can naturally do… which is to live.

Humans were made to be social creatures. Most of the depression we experience comes from social pressure from the media. We have a tendency to believe that if we’re online more and socializing less then we’ll substitute this humane desire to interact. That’s not the way that it works. We have to be around people, our social circle can’t be as small as we think it can, even if we’re introverted.

Most of the time, we’re trapped inside of buildings. For those of us who are taking the time to be out shopping and going on trips we’re more likely to live longer since our life is constantly moving. The Pew Research Center published that less people are willing to move or settle down. This is a problem. It shows that while our need for technology is on the rise, we are disassociating ourselves more. With lack of human interaction and longer periods of time in the house we’re going to spiral downwards.

And, millennials are becoming more and more dependent on their parents. It was also reported that most of our generation are spending time in the house with parents rather than starting their own life. There are pros and cons to this. While you’re able to stack up your savings life isn’t being explored. Psychology has proven time and time again that the more stress you’re able to live through then the higher your life expectancy rate increases. So, placing an indent in momma’s mattress can lead to premature death.

While we love to scroll on our phone we’re also more likely to work longer hours than our parents. Forbes coined us as being “work martyrs” because most of us have a strong work ethic with a serious desire to increase our pay. This means that the old days of having picnics in the park has decreased. We aren’t outside enjoying the weather because most of us are indoors on Twitter (make sure you follow me). This takes away the natural Vitamin D that we need and causes us to rot behind the computer.

If you want your medicine to work, first, try living more. Otherwise, you’ll just be taking pill after pill which will become a downward spiral to nowhere.