I’m An Artrepreneur, Here’s Why

Sierra Ayonnie
Nov 29, 2018 · 4 min read

Reasons millenials are making a way for themselves in this economy.

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In 2018 we are living during digital times. The access to information is easier and we are one of the most well-read generations. With this in mind, we are forced to live in a world where work is evolving. Technology is beginning to take the place of humans and most older infrastructures aren’t looking to lay off their workers any time soon.

Why be an entrepreneur in this economy?

A journal was published that talked about the way that digital age entrepreneurship deals with integrating one’s own business by utilizing the internet as a resource. This is increasing as millennials are progressive, they’re finding ways to work from remote areas at all hours. This kind of flexibility is contagious which allows their businesses to flourish due to their comfort.

It’s interesting because this is an interdisciplinary field, which is what my degree is in. Interdisciplinary studies. This is a field that combines multiple skills and subjects that integrate together in order to fuel critical thought. Digital entrepreneurship is able to integrate business, IT, and communications together in order to craft the perfect platform together for the benefit of one’s own business.

On a global level, entrepreneurship is important because it helps businesses around the world to network and communicate together. The problem, is that young workers are not being hired. In countries, aside from the USA, there is a problem with this generation entering the workplace. Most of it has to deal with financial security. Most global workers have an issue with finding a place in a global company that will consistently pay and formally hire. Digital entrepreneurship removes this obstacle.

How can an entrepreneur supplement their income?

By creating consistent digital income a millennial has the ability to lead increase their tax bracket long term. Most digital entrepreneurs have the ability to start their life at $65K per year. This can be a consistent income that is generated from freelancing, blogging, virtually assisting, or any other means of digital work. Most millennials will be reaching their financial goals by being mobile and committing only to their businesses. If they’re lucky, their “work” won’t feel tedious because time will be spent on things they care about.

Personally, I’ve started my own form of digital entrepreneurship by being self-published and creating articles for pay among the internet. On average, I can generate $500 minimum solely off of article sales in a week if I consistently dedicate time to submitting proposals, finding projects, and networking. That is twice as much skill and interdisciplinarity than the average full-time worker who dedicates 40 hours per week to companies. As a recent grad, your pay, without experience, can be capped at no more than $35K.

The industry of being self published is booming. Long term, it is on the rise more and more as people are relying less on their local Barnes & Noble to find the next best read. People are reading from their phones and less from paper backs. This is changing the length of stories, rate of publishing times, and marketing strategies. The same can be said for the way that other business are ran, especially if you’re an artist.

How does art come into this conversation?

It means that we’re becoming “Artrepreneurs,” as Forbes has coined us. We can’t only be amazing at what we create but we have to be business savvy in order to take our work to the places it needs to go. With this kind of hustle we’re forced to be versatile in nature. For most artists, this isn’t hard. We’re able to use our creative skills throughout our lives. This makes it easy to have a business of our own because we can think ourselves out of dilemmas.

What is the literature pointing to?

The literature is pointing to not fearing the idea of a “start up” company. It’s explaining that by doing what you love and spending your time wisely you’re able to maximize your income significantly. You don’t have to rely on major companies to supply your income if you use your skills wisely. You can be your own boss easily in 2018 and you’re able to live comfortably. During this journey, if you’re an artist, you can make room for yourself by realizing the worth of what you create and specializing in a variety of skills that integrate together in order to make the best life for you, by you.

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