Sierra Ayonnie
Apr 17 · 4 min read

While everyone is excited about Game of Thrones coming back on TV I’ve found myself reigniting the complex portion of my creativity. It’s something about great movies and TV shows with a lot of substance that we cling to.

Let’s face it, we are complex people so we want to read and indulge in complex worlds with a lot of layers. But, the challenge is remaining inspired to write an entire novel that is dynamic in nature.

Dynamic novels take a lot of work, effort, and time. I’ve been writing my best novel for more than two years now with a lot of breaks in between. It’s a novel that has made me realize the need to start novellas as a way to escape its long winded nature. And while it’s something that I know many will love I don’t ever want to guarantee I’ll write something as great as that again (it could be the only one I’ll conjure up for years to come.)

What keeps the wheels churning during the long road of writing detailed fiction?

First and foremost, it’s a need to make some sort of political statement. While Game of Thrones isn’t directly speaking our politics as a nation it is based around a world where government is essential. The writer, George R.R. Martin, made sure to elaborate on the gothic era and its effects on people while weaving magic throughout its seams. It’s sewn together nice and constructively which is why we continue to care about the choices of the leaders.

This political statement causes us to want to zoom into the warriors and wars in front of us. We crave chaos and destruction with a backstory like no other. It builds on empathy by including characters with complex emotions in such a thrilling nature. That drive is what makes the writing inspirational.

As the political statement is important, remaining inspired also has a lot to do with escapism. As readers and viewers of any great fictional world, we want to be taken somewhere far away from here. This is why dystopias are packed with a lot of details, set in distinct time periods, and given certain rules that we don’t abide by in order to take us there. If we can escape into problems that aren’t our own then we will continue to invest in the journey.

While we love journeys that are paved with a lot of sediment in its path we need that sense of adventure in our lives. Everyday, doing the same thing, can become sincerely monotonous. There’s no since of unpredictability which keeps us from guessing about what’s going to happen next. Thus, we will get bored and irritable easily is the story has a route that’s going as planned. Adventure in a story gives us a plot that walks through a rainforest with hidden caves. That’s what we want to endure. So, the better the adventure, the more we’re going to take in the tale. As writers, we don’t want to write anything that isn’t luring in our audience. Just as you may get bored reading it, we get tired of writing the predictable tale.

Lastly, there has to be a sense of ambiguity. Not every plot hole has to be filled with sand. It can remain ambiguous to the reader building on suspense and mystery. The ambiguity makes the reader want more, ask for a second novel, and even feel deeper by the end of the story. Just like life, there are no definite answers or solutions to all of our problems which is why we would rather live life on the edge. The ambiguity of all the complexity parallels with the surreal qualities of our day to day lives. No, not everyday is promised, so to feel unaware about the challenges of tomorrow leaves us anxiously awaiting the events that tomorrow will bring.

Since all of this lays on a thick plot with a lot of well thought out details we find it hard to keep dedicating ourselves to such a masterpiece of work. Personally, the more challenging the book is to write the longer it’s going to take. It means there has to be great shows like Game of Thrones to watch, long breaks in between time, and patience… a lot of patience. Without those ingredients the book can become lost at sea. And, of course, we can’t forget our accountability partners as well as deadlines.

So while you’re writing the world’s greatest read of a decade with all of your fancies you have to be ready to dedicate all of your energy. Otherwise, you will find yourself writing a simple story that you may not feel is your best work or will want to be devoted to. However, I challenge you to not only be devout to the story, the next time you write, but to also be a devout creator to a web of intricacies someone’s child will make reference to years later.

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Essays W/ SA

Essays to inspire change.

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