Pick your followers, wisely.

Sierra Ayonnie
Dec 27, 2018 · 4 min read

On following to be read, not ignored.

Blogging is an art form that takes time to understand. Social Media Marketing is the parent of blogging; ultimately, she’s why blogging even matters but without an audience neither of them are important. Followers are small minions that brings your work to life. If we don’t blog then the marketing falls to the way side and the followers grow bored. It’s all a chain. While you may be writing amazing pieces the chain can’t be linked without the right crowd, otherwise you aren’t marketing anything and your articles might as well get deleted. Followers are the reason why I’m bringing this message to you today.

Across all of my social media platforms combined I have about 6,000 followers but that ratio gets broken down per social media outlet, per engagement, and per post. Each platform serves a different purpose with multiple smaller audiences. The followers that are active on Twitter are not the same on Instagram or Facebook. Each group of followers speak a different digital language that has to be appealed to. Hell, even my readers on Medium varies and depend on a plethora of content I’m still trying to figure out. My point, is that while you may be writing on a blog for one audience challenge yourself to engage with multiple online communities.

By understanding what each social media platform demands you increase your likelihood of being read. Your digital brand should be fluid in nature and shift depending on the social media platform you’re using. No one company has the same digital personality across all outlets because each form of media requires different posts and writing. My example is this, what you can place in 250 characters on Twitter may be expanded on Facebook and then copywritten for a caption on Instagram. Having this versatile expertise allows your writing to be read from multiple perspectives all across the internet.

Now, while you may have an understanding of the psychology behind why you may switch up the content per media, per audience you have to get a little picky about who you follow.

Most people try to keep a ratio of 100:100 but they fail to realize that those 100 that follow them are not active so really their ratio is 100:25, you don’t want that. If your ratio is 100:75 and all 75 are active you’re well on the way to going viral someday. You always want to follow more than who’s following you because it shows you aren’t afraid of being active and you’re dedicated to your followers even when they can’t follow you back. The beautiful thing about this is that the 75 that are following you and are active will share your work so you actually have a ratio of 100:150. Those 75 becomes 25 more that can become another 25 more depending on the quality of your craft.

Where do you find these active followers? Under the posts of other active users online. If you read a tweet that has 100 retweets and 25 likes, follow the 25 likers because they are more likely to follow you back and will share your work, twice as fast. Never binge follow out of boredom, only follow for engagements. The more engagements you have the higher you can generate more followers daily. This spread over time will constantly increase your ratio.

And, only follow back if you’ll genuinely interact with users. On Twitter, I’m big on saying thank you to every follower, but in order for me to follow back something about your craft has to catch my eye. I have to want to get to know you as a follower, otherwise, I’m better off leaving the phoniness at the door. There are some followers that won’t mind doing business with you, keep an eye out for them. You never know who they may know and this form of networking can become useful if you’re looking for an agent or even new readers.

Ultimately, none of your blogs matter if you don’t have interactive followers. While your articles may be amazing, people want to read what they want to know. There are a billion articles floating across the web, but only 100 of them end up in larger publications and with a great amount of exposure. Start by writing from your heart which will generate your natural audience and then produce content for more specific readers. Overtime, your worth will expand and people will begin to request your expertise on different subject areas.

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