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Silence the noise, please.

On spending more time in the dark.

Currently it’s 4:47 AM and I’m choosing to write to you. Why? Well, to be honest these are my quiet and productive hours. A person like myself spends 80% of the time in the dark and 20% in broad daylight. In fact, I only go outside during the day because I have to. So, why am I sharing this?

Because… when you think you’re not doing enough you’re actually doing too much. Silence the noise, please. Turn your phone off and enjoy laying in silence.

I once read a quote that said something about people not being able to sleep because they’re not at peace. I found this to be true. I’ve found the times when I can’t sleep at all are the nights that I’m not at peace.

How do we achieve this peace? We have to reassure ourselves that we’re doing enough and silence all of the noise around us. Sometimes, we have to go with our energy rather than against it.

Being with what our natural energy wants to do will make room for productivity to happen naturally without overworking or stressing ourselves.

Spending time in dark rooms with nothing music playing on low and a fan blowing can make you feel safe. You’ll feel that you’re more likely to be more creative because you’re relaxed.

You’ll get inspiration for another project from the silence of your presence. Everything will start to make perfect sense. And, if you’re an introvert then your energy will be recharged.

Imagine yourself as a battery. You need to be plugged in in order to be recharged. Plug yourself into a dark abyss.

Don’t fear the starry night skies.