Sierra Ayonnie wants to publish you into Essays!


Let’s raise consciousness together

essays to inspire change.

Photo by Shelby Miller on Unsplash
What does SA publish into Essays?

SA publishes articles into Essays that gives unconventional advice you can’t find anywhere else. These are not essays that are listicles, tell someone what they have already read, or give biased opinions without research or personal experience. Essays is looking to only publish pieces that are brand new in style, thought, and writing.

These essays are limited edition and will raise the consciousness of its readers.

They must: offer a rewarding experience, speak to all cultures, influence the mind, and convey a sense of liveliness.

What should the submissions have?
  1. Title and subtitles should be catchy
  2. An intriguing lead image directly underneath the title/subtitle or to the left of the first paragraph or as a banner.
  3. An outstanding intro to your piece
  4. Active voice
  5. Minimum of 500 words, but 7 minute reads are greatly appreciated (try to place us on the homepage of Medium!)
  6. Personal experience: please, be vulnerable
  7. Some research, or at least, backed by data
  8. At least one of these tags: #Writing, #Psychology, #Culture

If it is a short story it better be a damned good one.

And, of course, the intent to raise consciousness

How can I do this?

Unpublished drafts that were written on Medium are only accepted, in order to become a writer: send an email with your Medium, Twitter, and FaceBook handle to

Published drafts can be found on the homepage underneath “latest” where you can gain exposure from others that are following Essays.

*Please note that although Essays does not have many followers on Medium it gains most of its traction from Twitter and FaceBook. So, make sure you join the group and add me.

What are the rules?

First and foremost, you should be following Medium’s policies as well as the Ad Free regulations. I know we all want to collect pennies off of our work so make sure you’re following the standards of content for the Partner Program as well as the curation guidelines.

  • Submissions that are trying to sell, market, or promote will be deleted, immediately.
  • For every 500 words a writer is allowed to have no more than 5 self promotional links.
  • Edited and proofread in English, this includes titles and subtitles: they should be in title case or in sentence format. dO NoT sUBmiT tHiS
  • All images should be sourced: just use Unsplash or cite a web address in the image caption
  • Weird images are subjected to be deleted and may be replaced: anything that is nude or is not intriguing for readers will be edited out.
  • Your writing will be edited, but your content will remain the same: visit the revision history to see what changes were made.
  • Keep your work in Essays! If you always remove your articles you can be removed as a writer.
What are the perks?

We all love to do things that will greatly benefit us, because we’re human and we’re only out for our own self interest. So, what are the benefits of writing for Essays?

First and foremost, exposure. Sierra Ayonnie is connected with publishers, writers, readers, and editors all throughout the writing industry on various Social Media platforms as well as personal business relationships. They take pride in her work and collaborate closely on various projects. As being a writer of Essays W/ SA you are guaranteed to have the right set of eyes screening your work, as it is a representation of her.

Secondly, you receive an editor who cares. Essays is a conscious publication that seeks to raise the consciousness of its readers. With that being said, she prides herself on making sure that all of the writers of Essays are gaining the most from their experience, growing in their skills, and addressing societal issues. With an editor who cares you will blossom greatly from collaboration. Sierra Ayonnie does not believe in the boss/employee perspective, rather, a collaborative approach where each writer works side by side to learn from one another.

And, you can be paid! If you are a part of the Medium Partner Program where you pay $5 per month to access exclusive articles you can make the $5 back by gaining the right amount of exposure and followers from your work. As a writer underneath Sierra Ayonnie she doesn’t mind teaching you ways to be monetized from Medium in order to be paid more than what you’re worth.