Take a break

Let your productivity flow.

While many of us are enjoying the holidays it’s so easy to overbook ourselves. That time of the year to unwind and get toasty is upon us. As we may think that we’re doing ourselves an injustice by taking a break I’m here to play devil’s advocate. Allow me to give you five reasons why taking a break can do you some good.

It recharges the spirit

Working full-time is tiring. We have to be around people that we don’t particularly care about doing things that are only going to pay the bills. It’s energy draining. It can leave us depleted. But, if we take a break then we’re able to bounce back stronger than ever. Don’t be afraid to request a week off just so that you can mentally unwind. It’s easy to not use vacation time, but it’s harder to keep working when we’re feeling exhausted.

You’ll boost your productivity

If you close the laptop for three minutes and allow yourself to meditate with nothing to do it’ll be easier to slip into productivity. Sometimes by working really hard we can become counterproductive. A break allows us to do the things that we wouldn’t normally do with a clear mind and objectively. We’re able to spiritually recharge which will lead to more being accomplished.

You’ll be more creative

A break allows you to feel more creative than ever. You’ll come back to any canvas that you left feeling renewed. It’s so easy to overwork ourselves which can block creative energy. But, by taking a break you’re able to feel your creative juices moving around more fluid than ever.

You’ll earn more

Taking a break can lead to you gaining more than what you put out. I once read an article that talked about the power of earning more and doing less. If you’re a freelancer, like myself, then it’s so easy to do more than what you’re making. Don’t deplete yourself this way. Worry about money later and mental health first. A break allows for that to happen. Money comes with a consistently clear mind.

You’ll feel better

This is probably the most obvious reason, but sometimes the obvious should be stated. As a perfectionist, it’s easy to correlate exhaustion with productivity. But, if you’re always working so hard without time to recharge you’ll end up working in burst which can lead to demeaning extreme of being tired. Breaks means rest. The more rest you allow yourself to have the more you’ll be able to bounce back feeling more ready than ever. This will make you happy and boost confidence.