Take your time, don’t rush it

To the fast creator.

As an artist everyone wants to know when your next big project will be ready. You’re constantly being demanded to create art in your sleep and people are antsy to see what you’ll do next. But, here’s some small advice that will take you a long way, take your time, don’t rush it.

Art is something that has to evolve. When you think you’re done with the project you find something about it that you no longer like. Keep working at it until you love it. The pressure of creating overnight is upon you because of your own standards and the measures of your friends. However, I’m here to challenge that.

You see, when you take your time to make something amazing then what you create becomes great. You don’t feel rushed to do it all at once. You’ll feel your ideas flowing through you easily. It’s a simple feeling that will pay off more than what you bargained for in the end.

Your art is a reflection of you. You weren’t created overnight so don’t feel as if your art has to be. Whatever you put out into the world should feel something that you’re more than proud of. When you take your time to create then you’ll feel a sense of pride when you’ve done it right.

The next time you pick up the pen or the paintbrush think about just how much the piece means to you. If it’s something that you value a lot then take your time to make it. Ignore all of the voices in your head that tells you to rush it. Don’t. You’ll thank yourself later. Once the project is complete there shouldn’t be any need to go back and redo it. With this mentality, you’re sure to bounce out of performance anxiety and do better than what you bargained for.