The reason why nobody chases their dreams

Let’s face it, this life is hard.

Photo by Alex Nemo Hanse on Unsplash

It’s 2:33 on a Thursday afternoon. My roommate went to work. My Wifi will be disconnected at any given hour. I don’t have the rent money. I don’t have a car. My cash tips from my part time job is now gone. It is a critical situation. One, where I hop into the shower wondering where the exit happens to be. The first choice, is to keep trying to navigate this world without anything in my pockets, or, I can keep neglecting my sleep and hunger in the name of my dream, to become a best selling writer.

When I weigh the odds of these chances I realize that it is possible. In December I was a $2 writer for Medium with only 20 followers, today, January 31st I am writing for Medium and I made $18, thus far with 255 followers. As I grow more and more into my craft I’m beginning to realize that days like these are the reasons why people do not follow their dreams.

It was just yesterday when I was draining myself working part time jobs for people with low energy and wishing I could be at home writing full-time instead. After dealing with a situation that threatened my self-esteem and self worth I decided to do just that. When I made the choice to devote all of my time into writing in order to get out of my situation I was fully aware of the obstacles I would deal with: a high chance of being evicted, not having enough food to eat, and even dealing with insomnia from anxiety.

However, I told myself, that living a life of honest comfort from my dreams is a life worth living. If you would have told me during undergrad that I would be where I am now I would laugh at you. I was the girl who always kept enough money to pay all her bills, worked multiple jobs, and didn’t mind double minoring.

As I analyze everything that is happening around me I’m starting to see that as humans we crave comfort and familiarity. We spend our days navigating life with as much comfort as possible just so we can eliminate hassles we don’t have to tolerate. Dream chasing requires a different level of energy, it requires that you become uncomfortable with every portion of yourself while still keeping your spirits in.

It requires the backbone to face the nitty gritty areas of life that you didn’t realize existed. You have to be ready to put your head down and do the work that millions will thank you for years to come. If you aren’t ready to lose your sleep, salary, and the food on your kitchen table then you are not ready to receive what your heart really desires.

This is the reason why people do not chase their dreams. There is a fear of the unknown that is attached with following your heart. You don’t know just where you’re going to be in the end. You could end up chasing something so fast and so far that you forget why you even started in the first place. But, dream chasing gives you more purpose than ever which will allow you to remain solid on days when you feel defeated.

Never forget, life is always a test. You’re going to have people laugh at you, leave you by the wayside, and you’ll feel backed into a corner. But, the less you have, the more uncomfortable you feel, the closer you are to becoming what you knew you could always become.

My advice: sprint towards the success that God has promised you, no matter what.