Why you shouldn’t eat healthy

Just enjoy yourself.

Photo by Robin Stickel on Unsplash

They say that food is the key to a success. Well, at least, that’s what I say. There are so many articles all over the internet that are telling people to go vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, and even to detox with only water. But, the problem is that there aren’t enough people advocating for fun living which can lead to a more improved health than any diet one can rely on. Here’s why I believe that you just shouldn’t eat healthy.

Before you take my advice, word for word, believe that I think it’s best to eat what you feel comfortable with. The term “healthy” is ambiguous. What can be healthy for one person may not be as such to another. Let’s take vegetables, the bare minimum to human nutrition. While vegans may think that they have a leg up in society by receiving all of their vitamins from veggies there are people like myself who can’t eat them if they’re raw due to America’s issue with pesticides. How can people like myself cope with Thanksgiving? I just skip the veggie sides which may be sautéed in meat and binge eat the Macaroni. But, apparently, Macaroni isn’t good either because it’s made of milk, cheese, and starch from the noodles. Do you see the problem here?

“Healthy” eating is not the solution to all of one’s health problems. While it may be the cure for some it doesn’t guarantee to eliminate all of the physical ailments of the body. In fact, there’s a term known as “conscious” eating. This term isn’t talked about enough because as a culture we’re sold on the fact that we would rather by pass the milk, cheese, and meats in order to do the animals a favor rather than listening to our bodies.

Conscious eating is the act of making sure that you listen to what your body craves and needs before deciding on a plate of. By being conscious of what your body wants to digest you can rid yourself of not only toxins, but also bad moods.

I know a vegan that makes the case of, “if it’s something with their mood then it’s also something wrong with their diet,” and while he may be the most in shape, veggie eating person that I know he is also the unhappiest.

So what if you binge eat ice cream on a sad and rainy day, you’re doing your body a favor. To not eat all will only lead to deterioration from the inside out. By spending more time eating based on mood and consciousness you can eliminate a lot of mental health issues which can decrease weight.

No, you should not eat healthy. You should aim to eat consciously. What you may consciously enjoy eating will be different from someone else, but your body will reward you for your own personal integrity.