7 Essential Crypto Features You May Have Never Heard Of

When the bear market pivots and the bulls come back to run, there are few projects and tokens that are built to survive and thrive in the new blockchain landscape to come; Essentia is one of those. It’s the real-world utility that makes Essentia robust enough to withstand any bear or bubble conditions in the long term.

We recently released an article on the many real-world use-cases that ESS tokens can bring to the digital world, and after reading the thousands of comments and questions on our various social media channels, we noted that a few features were not well known. To keep it brief, we will run through just a few of them here:

  1. In theory, you would never need to leave Essentia for your crypto or decentralized needs. We have ensured that every possible service is catered for; wallets, exchanges, storages, messaging services and the multitude of dApps — all working in a single interoperable environment. What more do you need?
  2. Passwordless framework. All you need is a seed to access & manage your crypto life. Forget about having 50 keystore files and countless insecure passwords, because all you need is one with Essentia
  3. Store your entire digital life using decentralized storage systems via IPFS, Swarm, and Storj. Having your valuable data within the framework empowers you to make powerful interoperations — think of storing your KYC information available in one click for other dApps and services within Essentia.
  4. Integrated Hardware Wallets Trezor and Ledger to ensure your digital life can never be compromised while you access Essentia. These wallets are highly praised for their advanced cryptographic methods to keep your data safe, and we are proud to provide a unique solution in the market in supporting such compatibility.
  5. Essentia can act as a SuperWallet. How? With over 700 available cryptocurrencies you have the freedom to exchange tokens or coins on decentralized platforms such as Idex and Forkdelta directly within Essentia, which guarantees you high liquidity. To integrate non ERC20 tokens like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Neo, EOS running on independent blockchains into a single wallet requires a level of complexity much greater than simple ERC20 integration.
  6. The project is community oriented: Sticking to the nature of decentralized governance, any ESS holder has the chance to upvote for any project they desire to be integrated and implemented into the Essentia dAppstore. This ensures the evolution of the project remains completely trustless and the reward mechanism disincentivizes bad actors.
  7. Over 15,000 people are already maximizing the utility of Essentia by registering and actively using the Essentia application. We have received a whole lot of feedback from our community which also helps us continually improve our user experience.

Essentia keeps on developing and moving towards the above goals — with most of them already realized! For instance, the Essentia for Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, and MacOS is available on our official website. We are planning on changing the crypto game and bringing Web 3.0 to the worldwide adoption!

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