Essentia in Davos & BEF: Recap and Photos

What could be a better way to communicate with our community than being a part of such widespread conferences which gather thousands with dozens of subsidiary events? The Essentia team always ensure they are there, learning from and speaking to the best minds in the field. On this occasion, Essentia had an immensely productive time Consensus 2018 and Devcon.

Essentia’s founders Matteo Gianpietro Zago, Mirco Mongiardino and Head of Business Development Bedros Awanesian attended one of the biggest crypto related events in the world.

The Blockchain Economic Forum provided an engaging platform with visionaries, business people and tech experts alike, discussing all things blockchain. The team joined more than 3000 like-minded individuals and got a chance to discuss current issues and areas of interest within the blockchain ecosystem, including one big topic — the question of the worldwide adoption.

During this Davos became the center of the world as the city also played host to the World Economic Forum, giving Essentia an unmissable opportunity to meet those who hold crucial roles in global economics.

the future of adoption. Were you there? Check the photo report here! →

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