Blockacademy and Essentia Coaching the Next-Gen of Blockchain Leaders

Adhering to our raison d’etre — the development and proliferation of blockchain technology worldwide — Essentia has teamed up with Blockacademy, the world leading institution dedicated to blockchain education and awareness.

As you are most likely aware by now, we are vehemently passionate about the state of decentralized technology, and firmly believe we are on the brink of the Web 3.0 because of it. This will permit us all who use the internet, to regain our privacy, transparency, and security.

It is, however, hard to ignore the issue within today’s economy, the markets severely lack qualified professionals, and there is massive demand from businesses, corporations and governments alike.

With this knowledge in hand, we realized the potential in a partnership with Blockacademy in order to achieve our vision. Here are a few reasons why:

  1. Blockacademy was created to provide opportunities and gateways to the blockchain industry — even for those not familiar with the technology, or even software development at all. From our side, we have qualified technicians and engineers with years of experience and multiple working products. In that regard, we can work together, shoulder to shoulder, share our skills and help popularize the technology.
  2. We understand that learning the principles of blockchain from scratch can sound rather tricky and discouraging — the Essentia team has been through all the hardships already. With this experience, we are more than eager to provide our guidance and possibly help shape the next generation of the blockchain developers — whether they will be working on Bitcoin, Ethereum, Essentia, or even their own blockchain in the future.
  3. In the result, more people — more fresh visions involved. We know the people we lend our hands to today will be the ones making an immense impact on the development of not only the industry as a whole but also the Essentia network specifically.

The 2-days course held in Amsterdam over March 2nd to 3rd was a major success — we were thrilled to see so many enthusiasts interested in technology! Seeing that so many were eager to join the blockchain ranks assured us that we are making a big leap forward.

This course, in particular, offered a more hands-on learning approach, where various theoretical points were followed by an insightful and guided practical workshop.

During the course, students learned how to create and implement blockchains from scratch — all the while learning technical characteristics, including consensus algorithms (PoW, PoS, dPoS, etc), settings (smart contracts, VM) and more. We also provided a detailed explanatory lecture regarding decentralized storages and how to work with them.

On the practical workshop, the students were shown how to build decentralized applications through the Ethereum blockchain and were given the platform to build one themselves. During the task, our teachers were there to explain, answer and offer their guidance and a helping hand when needed.

This was just one of the many courses we are excited to host all across Europe. Apart from the development of our own blockchain solutions for the world, we believe that sharing our experiences and insights are equally important to advance innovation and promotion, which will, in turn, draw more people to the industry.

We will keep you updated regarding the place and time of all the upcoming courses on the agenda. If you are keen to take your place in the decentralized revolution — make sure not to miss your chance!

Share your thoughts, questions, and suggestions on our social media — we are happy to address them!

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