Essentia and Your Banking Data: A Partnership with ORCA

Essentia opens myriads of opportunities for both users and developers. One of those is to automatically acquire data from all your banking platforms to verify possessions of assets or zero knowledge prove certain traits.

Imagine planning to travel to a foreign country (either for short or long term stay) and then having to go through the long, complicated procedure for a travel visa and residence permit. With Essentia, it will be possible to eradicate all the paperwork, and instead acquire the required financial data from all your bank accounts automatically, immediately verifying your financial assets from a credible financial source.

It makes for a better and faster experience for the individual, as well as saving time for government employees tasked with processing the application — thereby reducing costs.

That’s where ORCA comes into play within the Essentia integrations.

ORCA is the first open banking platform for cryptocurrency users, which is going to build part of its project on top of Essentia.

ORCA integrates a dashboard for your favorite banking services, all accessible instantly, together with AI which will provide you with personal financial analyses and advice on trading possibilities. ORCA offers users an effortless trading experience coupled with an intuitive, user-friendly interface.

Essentia and ORCA

A major objective of the Essentia framework is to create a large ecosystem that will link numerous services and applications. This way, we intend to create a cohesive environment where users will be able to access the new decentralized world with the click of a button. This new internet will touch each and every sphere of our lives, including the financial one.

Being a multi-account aggregation platform, we understand how vital the secure management of client information is. Essentia’s high throughput and modular architecture support millions of transactions, making it a perfect match for ORCA’s Open Banking platform.” — Dmitrij Radin, CTO of ORCA Alliance.

With the help of ORCA, Essentia will be able to expand its horizons and include all the financial applications to its ecosystem. It will provide a bridge between cryptocurrency and fiat money providing further integration between the virtual and physical world.

Thanks to the cooperation with ORCA, Essentia’s users will be able to manage their assets painlessly, and access their synchronized fiat (traditional) bank accounts all from the convenience of the Essentia protocol.

Using the Essentia framework, you will have the opportunity to control your crypto world with ease and certainty. And ORCA’s AI assistant will be a great help to everybody who could benefit from some personalized advice concerning investments.

ORCA will become Essentia’s bank bridge layer that will help us connect centralized and decentralized resources to create new interactions and experiences.

We are building the internet of the next generation and we’re doing it together with ORCA.

To get a more detailed look at the ORCA project, visit their website. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us on social media or in the comments below.

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