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Essentia April ’19 Monthly Update

Every passing month brings us closer to the goal we have long set — blockchain adoption and complete decentralization. Essentia’s offices are buzzing with work, and March was no exception. Over the past month, we continued to hit a few more milestones and also implemented major improvements to the entire ecosystem. So for an overview of what the team has achieved over the last 4 weeks, keep on reading!


This month we worked intently on improving the mobile user experience. What may appear as minor updates actually go a long way in improving the apps operational efficiency. Among many other things, we fixed the processes of wallet naming and search token flows as well as implemented transaction sorting by date.

Keep in mind we are also always working towards widening the current functionality. In the new version, we integrated Litecoin and Dash to the Essentia wallet. This will add to the 700+ tokens and coins which are already present in the application. Very soon you will be able to send and receive the above currencies using Essentia — fast & easy!

This month we also updated the library for iOS HDWallet with new fixed and added features. Remember, if you have any questions or a bug to report, you can always create an issue here, and we’ll be sure to work on it!

Big news — we have also been preparing to make Essentia for iOS completely open source! With our mission of promoting and simplifying the blockchain adoption process, we feel it is only natural to share the path we’ve been through — with all the mistakes and breakthroughs! So stay tuned for the official announcement — it will follow shortly!


The development of the mobile and desktop versions go hand in hand, we are doing our best to introduce wide functionality to both. Along with the mobile app, from this month you will be able to login to the Desktop app using your Jaxx wallet and the previously created account! Now you can sync all your accounts using Essentia, gathering all your assets under one “roof”, saving much time, and effort.

Also, by popular demand we have worked on implementing DASH to the Desktop app, so expect that functionality shortly. We created structure and classes to integrate Dash, as well as changed the API bridge and added methods for working with the coin.

We have also taken measures to ensure the desktop app works like a charm. For instance, we added classes and functionality for the macOS version to enroll and work smoother.

It goes without saying that we’re constantly fixing any bugs or errors which appear in the course of development. For example, this month we fixed conflicts with dependencies and libraries such as Web3 and Sequelize.


We continue developing the basic structure of the MTK project for the Finnish Government. These include the creation of classes and helpers. During this month, we:

  • Created ErrorValidation class to send custom errors — all errors will be processed by this class.
  • Created the structure to create and add plugins easily — every plugin for the project is initialized in a separate file, which is then placed in the plugins folder and being registered in the project.
  • Created middleware to check authentication status (before the data can be processed by our controllers, the user’s authorization status will be checked).
  • Created helpers and classes to work with the user profile.
  • Created API methods for user authentication.
  • Created classes to work with blockchain more easily.
  • Created classes and helpers for storing data on the blockchain.
  • Created helpers for reading data from blockchain.
  • Created classes for storing data in the database.


Another fruitful month for the development of our blockchain. Following are a few significant updates:

  1. Updated Docker file for automated deploy.
  2. Tested masternode deployment on VPS. Automatic run of the nodes on Hetzner service.
  3. Updated repository documentation. Created overview info, installation, and setup guide.

It is also worth mentioning that we have almost finished developing the Essentia Blockexplorer. The main features have been implemented and we’re now working on improving the design. There are also more tasks in progress, including setting up the remote servers for running nodes or testing masternode rewards.

Speaking of tests… If you are following our updates on the official Telegram channel, you already know that after long internal discussions we have decided to dedicate more time to test and secure the network we are building. We are yet to estimate a definitive time period it will take, so stay tuned for more news!

More big news! Mark your calendars for the 4th of May for the official testnet release! When it’s out, we will collect all your feedback and commentary regarding the network for later implementation within the mainnet chain. So make sure to share all your thoughts and help us create a universally accessible blockchain product.

What’s next?


Our agenda is full of new features we’re planning to implement. Some exciting features include the addition of TouchID to the Essentia iOS to drastically improve login experience!

Apart from this, we continue working on integrating more currencies to offer Essentia users a comprehensive list of coins/tokens.


As stated earlier, the testnet release is approaching so we will dedicate all the necessary time to prepare for it. When it’s out, you will be able to run a test masternode (using the test ESS), as well as check out Essentia’s blockexplorer. More functionality and features of the Essentia testnet will be announced soon!

If you would like to share your feedback on the Essentia processes and progress, feel free to join our official Telegram channel! Your comments are appreciated, as always!

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