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Essentia Data Guide: Find The Needed Info Easily

Since Essentia has been on stage for more than 3 years now, it’s only natural we have a lot of articles in our blog. And we realize that sometimes it’s a headache to find the information you’re looking for. While you can always contact us on our Telegram channel, and we’ll gladly answer, we’d like to give you another option. In this blog post, we will gather all the most important links, and group them according to the topics! Consider it a linktree to the Essentia project.

Hope you’ll find what you’re looking for!

Note: The article will be updated with new links every now and then.

Keywords to look for: Masternodes, Staking, Conferences, Events, Updates, Yield farming, FAQ, Blockexplorer, Github, Website, Documents, Social media.


ESS token utility — Every use case to the Essentia token.

Smart Contract Security Analysis — A technical review of the Essentia Smart contract.

FAQ — Every question you have about Essentia answered.

Masternodes & Staking

How to Earn Yield with Essentia: 1-Click Masternodes Deploy & 1-Click Staking Options — Every way you can earn passive income with Essentia explained.

Improved Masternode Auto-deploy is out! Overview & Guide — A detailed guide on how to deploy a Mercury masternode.

1-click Deploy For Mars Masternode is Out! Follow the Guide — A detailed guide on how to deploy a Mars masternode.

How To Implement Cold Staking In Essentia: 1-Click Staking Now Out! — A detailed guide on how to start cold staking with just a few clicks.

Essentia Integrated To Major Masternode Platforms Recap — A recap of all platforms that listed Essentia masternodes.

Deploy Your Masternode and Get Your Fees Covered — A running incentive of reimbursing all fees for deploying the masternode.

Token Swap Step-by-Step Guide — A detailed guide on how to swap your tokens for coins using the Essentia wallet.

Token Swap: FAQ — Answers to the most popular questions about the token swap.

Conferences & Events

Essentia To Attend Blockchain Economy: We’re Going to Turkey! — A description of the event, and who’s coming.

Last updates

*6 Reasons Why Essentia is one of the Best Crypto Wallets* — Not necessarily an update, but reasoning as to why Essentia can be considered one of the most functional wallets in the crypto space.

Breaking news! Essentia’s coming to DeFi — The first announcement of Essentia entering the DeFi niche, with plans for future development.

Introducing a Major UI/UX Update in the Essentia Desktop -One of the largest UI updates made to Essentia wallet.

Introducing the first Triple Cross-Chain bridge: Essentia expand to Binance Smart Chain — A big announcement of Essentia planning on utilizing the power of the BSC, and our ways to do that.

Essentia February ’21 Monthly Updates — The latest monthly updates.

Blockexplorer Updated: What’s new?

Blockexplorer Updated: What’s new (part 2) — 2 parts of the complete redesign of Blockexplorer.

Yield Farming

How to farm $ESS using Unicrypt? Step-by-step guide — A detailed guide on how to start farming ESS tokens on Unicrypt.

vFarm is open! How to farm $ESS on Value DeFi: Step-by-step Guide — A detailed guide on how to farm ESS tokens on Value DeFi.

[USDC/ESS] New vFarm Open! How to farm $ESS on Value DeFi: Step-by-step Guide — New farm on Value DeFi active, a detailed guide on how to use it to farm ESS.

Unicrypt Farm Second Round: ETH/ESS Pool Relaunched — Announcement of the Unicrypt farm relaunch.

Want to support ESS? Adding liquidity to Uniswap — a Guide — A guide on how to become a liquidity provider on Uniswap, and start earning from that.

Non-Blog links

Blockexplorer — Stats on the Essentia blockchain, and masternodes.

Website — An official website, from which you can download Essentia wallet.

Github — Essentia’s code that is available publicly.

Social media

Telegram | Facebook | Twitter

Didn’t find what you were looking for? No worries, just make sure to send us a message on our Telegram channel, and we’ll answer you right away.



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