Essentia Crowdsale announcement

Today we are excited to provide further details on our coin offering and ESS token distribution. This is the first of many announcements to come so please stay tuned for updates in the coming months.

We’ve been amazed with the incredible response to Essentia over the last few months. We greatly appreciate the thoughtful feedback and advice we’ve received from our community.

The token distribution will be as follows:

35% to the token sale

10% to the founding team

9% to advisors

20% as project reserve

15% as Node rewards

7% to the team

4% Ambassador, bounties, referral

Tokens distributed to the team and developers will be locked for 18 months with a 6 month cliff. Depending on each case, tokens distributed to advisors will be locked between 6 months and 1 year.

More details about our business plan and intended use of revenue mention in this article. Contributors from the United States and China will not be accepted.

ICO prices

The ETH:ESS ratio at 1 ETH to 15000 ESS (based off current exchange rates, subject to fluctuation).

We only accept ETH, we will fix the ETH/USD and exchange rates based on the price of ETH on GDAX at the moment of the start of the first phase of our ICO.

What happens now?

A whitelist will be published soon, visit in a few days to check your whitelist status using the email you used to register.

If you are not on the whitelist or you didn’t register during our previous Alpha round, wait until it will be active again on our website to do it —


The presale is now open. For any further information contact

ESS Token Functions and Utility:

Which is the functions and utility of ESS? Discover more here

For further details including the ICO date, presale bonuses and whitelisting, keep an eye on our blog for updates!

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