Essentia February ’19 Monthly Update

Another month has passed! Can you believe we are already into the second month of the year, and every month we become closer to our Web 3.0 decentralized vision? Here we look back at the milestones we hit and what steps we took to realize our goals!



It has been an especially productive month for the development of Essentia mobile applications. Over the course of the month, we focused mainly on the refactoring of the apps.

Most notably, we divided the application into separate modules — EssUI, EssWallet, EssLogin, and other distinct regions. This has allowed us to implement new features, locate bugs and conduct tests incredibly more efficiently.

We also focused on UI/UX elements and general usability for the application. Aspects we attended to include:

  • Updated animation for screen transitions. Screens now change with the same animation on all Android devices.
  • Improved start animation.
  • Worked on the Chinese translation.
  • Implemented token auto-attach feature. Now you don’t need to add tokens manually while importing the wallet which is now processed automatically.
  • Added custom search bar.


This month we added a significant development to the desktop application — decentralized storages. Previously only available for users of the web version, it is now available for anyone using the Essentia Desktop app. You can now upload and secure your data with impenetrable cryptographic methods and be sure your data remains in your hands. To cater to increasing use we have also increased the capacity of data which can be uploaded.

We have also refined other functions improving general usability for the Desktop app, for specific instances we: :

  • Refactored transaction history.
  • Added the possibility to send transactions from modal without opening a wallet.
  • Added functionality to add many tokens from one modal window.
  • Improved the transaction history and wallet data updating.
  • Added functionality to change interface language and save profile settings.
  • Added the ability to implement different languages in different accounts.

Keep in mind that you can always find a detailed overview of our progress in the reports we publish every week!


We continue working at full-steam towards the development of our blockchain. and we’re excited to announce that the genesis block has been created! We have already updated the initial parameters (such as timestamp and nonce, for example), and have begun developing the desktop app for the blockchain (wallet and masternode explorer).

We are also focusing heavily on network analysis. This month we launched local testnet: boot nodes and full nodes, and tested the consensus algorithm shift from PoW to PoS after block height reached 1000 (1000 blocks mined).

The masternodes were also set up this month which allowed us to conduct testings on the masternode rewards, and the auto-deploy of the node at the VPS.



This year started with us attending Davos in Switzerland, which became the center of the technology and global economic attention. We attended the Blockchain Economic Forum, one of the most anticipated conferences of the year, as well as a list of other subsidiary events. If you missed out, you can check out the photo report here!

Don’t forget to revisit our roadshow from time to time to see where we are we heading next, we always find time to meet and chat with our community!

What’s next?


Our primary work for the future development of Essentia for mobile includes enabling users to log in using popular wallets such as Jaxx and Exodus.

Due to popular demand, we are also working on syncing the Essentia Web with other Essentia applications, soon we will have the ability to link all our accounts.

And we are constantly updating the list of available coins and tokens in the Essentia wallet, so stay tuned for more currencies in stock!

Watch Essentia’s software architect speak on some of the future plans!


Soon we will start integrating Ethlend and other possible promising projects. We are already updating existing functionality and soon we will have the opportunity to use additional features making the user experience a whole lot more efficient.


We are still focused on running all the necessary tests to ensure our blockchain meets the standards of the best in the world. Plans for next month include more load testings on the network as well as running testnet trials which will be open to anyone interested.

We have also begun the development of the masternode explorer which will be launched shortly.

If you have any questions make sure to reach us out in our social media outlets!

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