Essentia Founder to speak at EDCON

Meet us in Toronto on the 4th of May! Essentia co-founder Matteo Gianpietro Zago will be delivering a speech at one of the most famous events in the crypto world — EDCON.

EDCON’s purpose is “to improve communication and integration between the various global Ethereum communities.”

Why is it interesting?

EDCON is an event that aims to cover the latest news in Ethereum, including updates and trends. As a framework that’s created on top of this exact technology, Essentia is especially interested in the overview of application capabilities on the Ethereum blockchain.

Speakers of the event include the best representatives of the Ethereum-related community and the extended crypto industry. Among them, Vitalik Buterin (Founder of Ethereum, Ethereum Core Researcher), Aya Miyaguchi (Executive Director of the Ethereum Foundation), Pandia Jiang (Founder of LinkTime), Gavin Wood (Founder of Parity&Polkadot, Cofounder of Ethereum), Joseph Lubin (Founder of ConsenSys, Co-Founder of Ethereum) and more!

Sounds like an event you don’t want to miss, doesn’t it?

But you don’t need to worry in case you came to the party late and missed out on tickets. The conference will be live-streamed and recorded. The link of the stream will be available on the official EDCON website.

Date & Place: 3–5 May, Toronto, Canada.

The exact place together with a little map is provided on the EDCON website.

Do not forget to check the Essentia’s Roadshow article from time to time to stay updated about all the important events!

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