Essentia integrates a leading dEx-exchange IDEX

Today we are proud to present some exciting developments! From now on, a decentralized exchange IDEX is available in the Essentia App. Here’s a closer look.

IDEX is an Ethereum-based decentralized exchange that features Ethereum and ERC20 token trading pairs. The main difference of IDEX from other exchanges is that it leverages its smart contracts to conduct transactions for its users. This means that, even though you still sign a transaction with your private key, IDEX will broadcast it to the Ethereum blockchain for you.

Overall, this exchange is an excellent choice for security-minded users. The platform has also gained a reputation for its efficiency and speed, hence it has become such a big player in the market.

Essentia has always placed users’ security and convenience above anything else, so from now on users can enjoy simple and secure exchanges. All within the Essentia framework.

Make sure to try out the Essentia App to see the functionality for yourself!

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