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Essentia June ’20 Monthly Updates

Another month has passed, meaning it’s time we evaluate all the work that has been done. Keep on reading to stay in the know!

Staking Reward Calculator

This month we worked on adding a Staking Reward Calculator, along with little design changes. Now, when you enter the Essentia Blockexplorer, you can find a collective ‘Rewards’ tab.

There you will find a redesigned Masternode reward calculator, where you can check your daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly reward for deploying your masternode.

Apart from this, in the new Staking calculator you can theoretically measure what would be your reward if you staked on the Essentia Network, and if you already did, to calculate what you’re earning at the current time.

To do that, all you need to do is enter your data:

When you’ve filled out everything, you will get your daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly income estimated. Also, bear in mind that Reward frequency is estimated according to the current network state, and may fluctuate.

If after the estimation you decide to start staking your ESS coins, make sure you take a look at the guide on how to do that.

In progress

Uniswap listing

During the last month, we have been working on listing the ESS token on various exchanges. Though we are still in talks, we can already announce that we’re officially in line to be listed on Uniswap. The good news — you can already swap your tokens there if you want to, just here.

Also, do not forget that you can check a full list of exchanges Essentia’s listed on by this link.

Hardware Wallet Support

As we have mentioned in the previous Monthly Updates, we started working on the Hardware Wallet Support. We are trying to make the process, as smooth and bug-less as possible. If you want to be the first to know when the works are done, follow us on our social media outlets!

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Essentia is the decentralized data management framework. Forged by a set of protocols. Forming Essences. Inside them, users own their data, identity and communications, enabling new powerful interactions.

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