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Essentia March ’20 Monthly Updates

As usual, Essentia labs are full of work! Wonder what we accomplished during the last few weeks? Then keep on reading while we go into the new piece of developments!


As you may know, Blockexplorer modifications have been in the center of our focus lately. In our last monthly updates, we shared a few hints on what the renewed service would look like.

Overall, we have taken your, our community, suggestions and did our best to make it easier and more functional. Let’s go through the most prominent developments that were made.

Design. Apart from the highly demanded dark theme, the layout of the pages has been changed quite a bit. The design you see now is more intuitively understandable and is highly based on the UI/UX method.

Transactions info. Right on the home page, if you scroll down a bit, you can see the information about the latest conducted transactions.

Masternodes monitoring. One of the most useful advances that were made, is the Masternodes monitoring tab. If you set up a Mars or Mercury masternode on the Essentia network, this tab will allow you to check status, active time, tx hash, address, and more.

If you are curious to see what else has been added to Blockexplorer, please see the dedicated article here.


This last month we have been listening quite closely to the suggestions made by our community, as we stated earlier. So, we started implementing them. Thanks to you, we managed to improve the Essentia Desktop wallet.

The first thing we have added is a refresh balance button. Now you can see the status of your balance as it is, with only one click of a button.

Another thing we were working on is making the wallet truly international. We realize that the Essentia wallet is used worldwide, so we wanted to make sure the app itself has translation to 3 major languages. So, now you can choose from English — a default language, Chinese and Russian, that was added recently. We are still working on improving the quality of translation, but you can already try it out.


Since we have rolled out the Essentia mainnet we also received quite a number of requests to explain how to enable Staking on our network. We would like to suggest you take a look at the fresh step-by-step guide.

If you are looking for a Mainnet Setup guide, Masternode Setup guide, whitepaper, or any other Essentia related document, make sure to visit the ‘Docs’ tab on our official website.

What’s next?

We keep working on implementing some of the stuff our users suggested. First of all, we will continue fixing bugs, as we always do to make the user experience even more pleasant.

Apart from that, we are already working on some security enhancements. As you know, we at Essentia, have always taken the user accounts safety very seriously. That’s why we have so many security levels, including multiple login options, touch IDs, PIN codes, etc. But we are already working on adding session termination if a user has been inactive for a certain amount of time — this way you can be sure that if you forget to log out and leave your wallet unsupervised, nobody gets access to your assets.

Do you have questions regarding the new Monthly Updates? Or anything else? Leave your Q’s in our official Telegram channel — we’re always glad to answer them!

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