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Essentia October ’19 Monthly Updates

The mainnet release approaches, but the work never stops at Essentia labs! Mainly concentrated on the finishing touches of the blockchain, we never forget about adding new functionality and improving the Desktop and Mobile applications. It’s time we take a step back and have a look at what exactly was done during the last month.

Let’s go!


With the mainnet release around the corner, we work even harder to make sure we paid attention to every little detail. A lot of work has already been done, for example, we updated the treasury address to support the network, and updated the blockexplorer for the release.

Some tasks are a continuous process — we keep on implementing the SegWit functionality, along with implementing the Essentia coin in Ess-bridge-wallet and overall preparing the servers for the mainnet launch.


Though most of our attention now is dedicated to blockchain, we know how important it is to continuously improve and develop the mobile application. This month we made a considerable process in the UI/UX segment, allowing users to create, delete and back up their accounts much more easily. We implemented the removal of the backup files if the user does not submit the backup, and fixed a few bugs to go along with this feature.

Taking into consideration the popular demand of our community, we continued expanding the existing wallet capacity by the integration of the Monero coin. Soon, it will be available in the wallet for our users to send, store and receive.

We are also working on the integration of the Essentia blockchain to the application, to ensure top-notch security and stability.


This month we have also worked hard to improve the user experience of the Essentia desktop. For instance, we:

  • Fixed minor bugs with displaying on macOS-based operation systems.
  • Made UI/UX improvements for Wallet.
  • Started working on the black theme for Launchpad and Settings.
  • Have been Improving the way of creating user avatars.

Apart from working on the UI/UX segment, we did some major changes in the architecture. We fixed conflicts with dependencies and libraries, refactored templates structure and wrapper methods, as well as optimized backend API methods.

We also decreased the application size for all platforms and added new dApps to the Essentia dAppStore.


This month has also introduced the Essentia’s New Look. We rebranded our official website for it to look more product-oriented and give a better idea of what is Essentia for new users.

You can easily download the Essentia application for any platform in only one click.

Or visit Essentia’s official GitHub, find the code and make use of it!

Take a look at what else you can find on our renewed website in the dedicated blog post!


Together with the website, we have also renewed the official Essentia documents.

We added the Blockchain architecture document, in order for you to learn every aspect of the upcoming mainnet. Here, you can find the technical overview of the blockchain’s features, detailed information on the nodes, coin specifications and a lot more data.

The roadmap document is also updated with our plans for 2019–2020, regarding both development and public.

In order for you to learn or refresh in memory, all of ESS token’s unique functionalities, it performs within and beyond the Essentia ecosystem, make sure to take a look at the new token utility document as well.


This month we were excited to attend the DELTA Summit in Malta — one of the most fascinating events of this year. It was a unique networking and learning experience, where we managed to meet and listen to quite a few top crypto players, as well as meet some of the members of the Essentia community! See how it was in our recent photo recap.

What’s next?

During the following weeks, we will continue preparing for the mainnet release. In order to simplify the setting up of the nodes for our users, we will keep on working on the automated deployment from the desktop application. To make it possible we will develop and add the ess-bridge-wallet and do some backend service development.

To launch the working mainnet we will also:

  • Deploy boot nodes.
  • Make a transition from PoW to PoS.
  • Deploy block explorer.

We are also planning to create and update some new technical documentation that will provide our users with a better understanding of the Essentia blockchain and its processes.

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