Another month of hard work has passed — time sure flies! These last few weeks were not only productive in terms of development but we also believe that they were extra-interactive! Our users had a chance to meet our development team and get their questions addressed directly.

Let’s review how far we’ve already come this month and what milestones we managed to reach.


Essentia Mobile

As the release date approaches, we are continuously refining Essentia for iOS and Android. With the upcoming first version of the app, our users will already be able to enjoy the full functionality of our Superwallet — adding new assets (from various different blockchains), sending and receiving them, automatic token exchange, among other pretty handy features. We wanted to make sure that our users will have a seamless experience across many different devices (even if it is the very first version).

We’ve also made a major design change to make the interface even more friendly and intuitive.

Find more details on the work being done on Essentia Mobile here!

The Essentia Blockchain

This week, we outlined the main components and structure of the soon-to-be-released Essentia blockchain. Our tech development team are adding many cutting-edge features as Hybrid consensus, Atomic swaps, and Sharding (among others) in order to make the chain as scalable, interoperable, and secure as possible.

This month, we’ve also prepared and released a document with a detailed blockchain architecture, which is available on our website. You can also check out our series of articles on the topic — the Technical overview and the General overview.

Pilot for Finland

We also unveiled some exciting new details about the ongoing development of the pilot for Finland — in the interview with Essentia’s tech team lead — Nikolay Hryshchenkov. Quick reminder: the application is designed to help with unemployment in Finland — helping to connect prospective employees with employers seeking qualified candidates. We’re making it easier to check the company’s and prospective employee’s reputation and ensure the most enjoyable working experience for both parties.

Starting from the very scratch, we’ve already built up the project’s architecture and moved on to the blockchain aspects. We’re also working on the design of the app to make it more easy to use. Take a look at the first drafts!



The team attended two blockchain events these past few weeks — Odessa Blockchain Summit in Odessa, Ukraine, and the Upbit Developer Conference in Jeju, Korea. We want to make sure that our message is spread as far and wide as possible!

To stay updated about where you can see us next, make sure to periodically check our dedicated Roadshow blogpost!

Technical AMA

Last week, we had an amazing experience hosting our very first technical AMA session! The Team had a great time answering the community’s technical questions, whether they were about the Essentia blockchain, the desktop and mobile versions of our Framework or the developments being made on the Finnish pilot! We plan to host even more AMA’s, so we’re very excited about that!

Check out the AMA recap here (add a link when published) or find the whole discussion itself on our official subreddit!

What’s next?

Every day we’re getting closer to the release of the mobile application (scheduled for the end of October). In the coming weeks, we’ll be devoting ourselves to fine-tuning and putting the finishing touches on the first release version.

We’re also planning on releasing the Essentia blockchain and our developers are currently busy with their work on the block explorer and all the interesting features that were mentioned earlier.

In terms of the future events, we’ll be definitely present at this year’s Devcon! The announcement will be following soon.

All in all, our teams are hard at work and we looking forward to all the exciting updates that we’re planning soon!

As always, feel free to reach out to us on any of our social media channels!

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Essentia One

Essentia is the decentralized data management framework. Forged by a set of protocols. Forming Essences. Inside them, users own their data, identity and communications, enabling new powerful interactions.

Matteo Gianpietro Zago

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Essentia One

Essentia is the decentralized data management framework. Forged by a set of protocols. Forming Essences. Inside them, users own their data, identity and communications, enabling new powerful interactions.

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