Essentia Welcomes Ran Neu-Ner to our Advisory Board

Today we’re very excited to welcome one the most influential people in the blockchain world to our team of advisors — Ran Neu-Ner.

If you’ve ever considered yourself a crypto geek, you would have heard his name said among other big names in the community. It’s Ran who launched the world’s first televised cryptocurrency show titled ‘Crypto Trader’, which is now the most viewed programme on CNBC. In the frames of the show, Ran Neu-Ner got to interview a lot of prominent people, such as Vinny Lingham (founder, Civic) and Brock Pierce (member of the Bitcoin Foundation), and the list can go on! (you can watch full episodes or the most interesting highlights on the show’s YouTube channel).

Ran became involved in the blockchain world in 2013, and shortly after founded Onchain Capital, a Crypto Asset Fund and Advisory service. Since then he has advised several successful projects.

To say nothing about his illustrious business background — he was a founder of ‘The Creative Counsel’ in 2001, South Africa’s leading activations agency with an annual turnover of $150 million.

Having been around long enough, he has more than the experience needed to help us plan efficient development strategies, along with providing new opportunities and perspectives. In other words, Ran will be a great help in the strategic advisory aspect.

For another, through hosting his own show on the Television, Ran knows many of the community’s big players. They could eventually help us not only to promote Essentia but also in raising awareness about blockchain adoption around the globe and even the shift to the Web 3.0.

We cannot wait to begin our fruitful cooperation and we know such a talented person will be an invaluable asset to our team.

Make sure to get acquainted with our other Essentia advisors — Moe Levin and Erik van der Staak. And do not hesitate to ask any questions you may have on our social media channels.

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