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Here at Essentia we believe conferences are the most efficient way to spread the word about our mission. And not only that, it’s also a great way to keep in touch with our community.

During the last few months, we have attended many events. We always enjoy hearing from the biggest names in the crypto industry, as well as introducing our own brainchild — the Essentia framework!

For this reason, we have no intention of ending our attendance and sponsorship of the biggest events in the crypto-sphere. We want you to know where and when you can meet an Essentia team member and have a chat, so here we’ve prepared a little roadshow of the events, dates and exact places.


Global Blockchain Forum, Santa Clara, USA, April 2–3

Description: The conference provides two different sets of events for Investors; The first regarding Family Offices, Funds, Companies and Entrepreneurs, and the second, Senior Executives, Board Directors, and Business Leaders.

The agenda will focus on the following topics:

  • Blockchain: Business Model Transformations
  • Blockchain Economy: New Rules of Engagement in the Business Stage
  • Blockchain and Crypto Investments
  • The Rules of the Crypto Game at the Investment Stage.

Speakers include: Tim Draper (Founder at Draper Associates), Michael Arrington (Founder at Arrington XRP Capital, Founder at TechCrunch), Vinny Lingham​ (Co-founder & CEO at, Board Member at Bitcoin Foundation), Edith Yeung (Partner at 500 Startups (Greater China)), Bill O’Connor (Innovation Strategist and Founder of Autodesk Innovation Genome), etc.

You will be also able to meet and listen to the speech of Matteo Gianpietro Zago, Essentia’s co-founder.

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Beyond Blocks, Tokyo, Japan, April 4–5

Description: This event offers key insights from renowned Blockchain experts, the opportunity to discover crypto-friends and learn about the most promising projects out there.

Speakers include: Yuzo Kano (Co-Founder & CEO, bitFlyer, Inc.), Jack Lu (Founder, Wanchain), Matthew Spoke (Founder, Aion), Fabio Canesin (Co-Founder, NEX), Patrick Byrne (CEO, tZERO)

Be sure not to miss Matteo Gianpietro Zago’s speech at the event!

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Deconomy 2018, Seoul, South Korea, April 3–4

Description: The conference will gather entrepreneurs, thought leaders, investors, developers, academic and policy groups, and blockchain enthusiasts. The forum consists of a two-day program, with keynote presentations and panel discussions about major topics surrounding the industry.

Speakers include: David Chaum (Сomputer Scientist, cryptographer, Founder at Digicash), Vitalik Buterin (Founder at Ethereum), Ian Grigg (Partner at (EOS), ex Architecture Consultant at R3, Financial Cryptographer, Inventor of Ricardian Contract), Roger Ver (CEO at, Angel Investor), David Schwartz (Chief Cryptographer at Ripple), JungA Lee (Vice President at Bithumb)

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After the conference, on April 4th we will be holding an event - a free Meet & Greet in the WalkerHill Hotel. You will be able to have interesting discussions with influential people in friendly atmosphere. Do not miss your chance and reserve a spot.

Update: We’ve posted a little photo report. Do not forget to check that out here.

Crypto Invest Summit, Los Angeles, USA, April 30 to May 2

Description: Crypto Invest Summit is an exclusive event presented by some of the world’s foremost innovators. It attracts numerous talented people of crypto and blockchain technology companies, as well as service providers and investors who are ready to share their insights on the further industry development.

Speakers include: Vinny Lingham (Co-founder, Civic), Kathleen Breitman (CEO, Tezos), Sam Goldberg (Co-founder, KR8OS), Al Burgio (Founder,, Crystal Rose (CEO, Sensay) Shashank Sripada (Founder/CEO, Bubblo), and so on.

During the event you will able to listen to Matteo Gianpietro Zago (Essentia’s co-founder) ICO pitch, and to participate in the following Q&A session.

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EDCON, Toronto, Canada, May 3–5

Description: EDCON is an event that aims to cover the latest news in Ethereum, updates, and trends. Its purpose is “to improve communication and integration between the various global Ethereum communities.”

Speakers include: Vitalik Buterin (Founder of Ethereum, Ethereum Core Researcher), Aya Miyaguchi (Executive Director of the Ethereum Foundation), Pandia Jiang (Founder of LinkTime), Gavin Wood (Founder of Parity&Polkadot, Cofounder of Ethereum), Joseph Lubin (Founder of ConsenSys, Co-Founder of Ethereum), etc.

Blockchain Week, NY, USA, May 14–17

Essentia’s founder, Matteo Zago will also be present at the Blockchain Week in New York.

The first event where you will be able to reach us is Consensus. We’ll be there on May 14–16.

“Consensus is more than just a conference. It’s the largest and must-attend gathering of everyone involved in our rapidly growing ecosystem. We’re proud to partner with companies that continue to innovate and actively work toward taking their projects live,” — Kevin Worth, CEO of CoinDesk.

The second event is Token Summit.

“…we will continue to discuss the economics, regulation and best practices around blockchain-based tokens, protocols, and crypto-assets. Specifically, our focus is on Designing Token-Based Economies, and succeeding at creating value for users.” — they state on their website.

It is a great opportunity to come up, say hi, discuss the events and ask all the questions that you might have.

Block Show, Berlin, Germany, May 28–29

Description: “Block Show is designed to provide an exclusive look into exciting projects and initiatives, as well as to keep introducing Blockchain to the World.”

Speakers include: Ran Neu-Ner (Host at CNBC crypto trader show, the top 10 most influential people in the blockchain, and Essentia advisor), Bobby Lee (Co-founder of BTCC), Renqi Shen (Digital Asset Investor, Fenbushi Capital Investment Team, Partner at BlockAsset Ventures), etc.

Meet us there!

Korea Blockchain Week and Beyond Blocks, Korea, July 16–10

Description: Korea Blockchain Week and Beyond Blocks is Asia’s most prominent blockchain conference.

Speakers include: Michael Novogratz (Founder & CEO Galaxy Digital Advisory), Jason Han (CEO Ground X (Kakao), Joshua Ho (Co-Founder QCP Capital, and Essentia advisor), etc.

Huobi Carnival, Korea, August 2–3

Description: Huobi Korea Carnival is a cryptocurrency dedicated conference hosted by the leading global digital asset exchange platform Huobi. The Carnival is a festival gathering blockchain experts and the most innovative project teams seeking for decentralization in one place.

Speakers include: Roger Ver (CEO of, Guofeng Zhao (Chairman of Huobi Korea), Dong Zhao (Dfund Founder), etc.

#CRYPTOPARTY, Ukraine, August 15

Description: #CRYPTOPARTY is one of this summer’s coolest events for investors, ICO projects and startups. At the conference, you’ll find hot crypto issues discussed, new acquaintances, friendly atmosphere and a lot more.

Speakers include: Mark Ginsburg (Blockchain ideologist), Giorgi Sigua (Ex-head of Georgia’s trade delegation in Ukraine), Igor Poroh (Trader, analyst), etc.

Odessa Blockchain Summit, Odessa, Ukraine, September 6

Description: “The main goal of the OBS is to create a fertile atmosphere for networking of like-minded people and let them a possibility to open up new horizons for the business.

Speakers include: Igor Nikolaev (COO at Essentia One), Vladimir Omelyan (Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine, Gennady Trukhanov (Mayor of Odessa), etc.

Upbit Developer Conference, Jeju, Korea, September 13–14

Description: “Upbit would like to create a conference by, for, and with blockchain developers. “Upbit Developer Conference 2018” will be a place for developers to hear from the world’s top experts via various dynamic formats and share new ideas with other attendees.”

Speakers include: Ned Scott (Steemit), Edward Greve (IOTA), Da Hong Fei (NEO), etc.

Devcon, Prague, Czech Republic, October-November 30–2

Description: Their main objective is “to educate and empower our community to build decentralized applications, and to bring Ethereum protocols, tools, and culture to the world.

Speakers include: Vitalik Buterin (Ethereum co-founder), Joseph Lubin (ConsenSys co-founder) and Vinay Gupta (helped launch Ethereum).

Blockchain solutions for Smart Cities, Kharkiv, Ukraine, December 15

A meetup, where Essentia’s COO — Igor Nikolaiev — will be delivering a talk on the recent blockchain tendencies for the Institute of Law, Technology, and Innovation.


Blockchain Economic Forum, Davos, Switzerland, January 24–26

Description: Blockchain Economic Forum comes back to facilitate the discussions of the most important topics of the crypto economy and its growing influence on the global economy.

Speakers include: Vicente Fox (President of Mexico), Vinny Lingham (CEO at Civic Technologies), Bobby Lee (Bitcoin Foundation), and many more.

We will keep updating the roadmap according to the schedule. Please refer back to the post for more information on the upcoming events.

If you have any questions, suggestions or comments, don’t hesitate to contact us on any of our social media channels!

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